Only after a few days, Apex Legends players will finally get to enjoy the much-awaited season 2. Since the game was released, players have been eagerly waiting to see new content. Not only this, but many players even left the game because they didn’t find enough variety in the game. However, the developers have created season 2 based on the feedback they received and have promised that players will not get disappointed this time.

How Things Went Down

Now, prior to the release of season 2, Respawn Entertainment has released a brand-new trailer for it which showcases what fans can expect to see once it goes live. Apex Legends players know that since the past few weeks, Leviathans were starting to get close to the island. Even the Flyers started entering the island from all directions.

A few days ago, the Replusor Tower started working again and the creatures turned away from the island. For those who don’t know, the main purpose of this tower is to prevent creatures from entering the island. Various theories even started surfacing that it will be destroyed when season 2 arrives, something which will allow the creatures to enter the island. And now, the official trailer of Apex Legends season 2 has indeed confirmed that this incident will soon take place.

Apex Legends Season 2 Official Trailer

The official trailer reveals that an anonymous legend hacks the Replusor Tower and detonates an EMP, which destroys the tower. As a result, the leviathans and the flyers have entered the island. Not only this, but the creatures have also destroyed various locations in King Canyon, and this has completely changed the design of the original map. Even the slogan made for season two claims that Kings Canyon will never be the same.

On the other hand, the anonymous legend who hacks into the Replusor Tower is currently believed to by Crypto. This is the very legend who was discovered in the game’s files by some data-miners. Even two days ago, some Apex Legends players found his laptop near the tower. His laptop had a picture of the tower on it along with some lines of codes.

In any case, Apex Legends season 2 is surely going to change the game in many ways. Along with some new skins and a new weapon, the next season is also going to add a character in the game. That very character is going to be Wattson, a legend who is going to have electrical abilities. In addition to this, if Crypto actually turns out to be the one who destroys the Repulsor Tower, then we can expect him to be added in the game soon. Respawn has also promised that fans will get to see an improved version of the battle pass when the next season arrives, as they will introduce daily and weekly challenges.