Apex Legends had an amazing debut as it managed to grab the attention of around 50 million players during its first month. Everyone instantly fell in love with the game because of the unique gameplay it featured. However, the game slowly lost its hype because of some reasons, such as lack of content.

During the previous two months, it was reported that Apex Legends’ viewership on Twitch was slowly decreasing. Not only this, but it even dropped down to a really low number. The reason behind this was that many players were losing their interest in the game because they felt there wasn’t enough content in it. Not only this, but most of them even criticized season 1’s battle pass as it featured poor and less content.

New Skins Revealed

After seeing what the Apex Legends community had to say regarding the battle pass, Respawn Entertainment promised that they are going to make some improvements to it in season 2. And now, during EA Play 2019, the developers have revealed some exciting content that will be included in the next battle pass.

Along with a new legend, ranked mode, and some challenges, Respawn revealed that players will be able to get their hands on some brand new skins in Apex Legends season 2.

R301 Legendary Skins

Those who are a fan of the R301 will be excited to know that there are going to be two new skins for it in season 2. These two new skins will be available through the battle pass, meaning that you will have to level up in order to get your hands on them. As these two skins are Legendary and look amazing, you might have to reach battle pass level 100 to get one of them.

New R301 Skins for Season 2 are looking nice! from r/apexlegends

Spitfire Legendary Skin

Along with the above-mentioned skins, another Legendary skin is going to make its way to the game through Apex Legend season 2. The widely used LMG, Spitfire is going to get a brand-new skin when the next season arrives. The new skin look somewhat like a shark and features a silver and gold combination. While we don’t know at what level this skin will be placed in the battle pass, its appearance suggests that it won’t be easy to get.

New Legendary Spitfire “Intimidator” Skin for Season 2 from r/apexlegends

Caustic Skin

Season 2 is also going to feature a new skin for Caustic. Not only this, but the new one looks much better than the ones already available in the game. We all know that season 1 didn’t introduce any amazing skins in the game. But it seems like the same will not happen with season 2. Caustic’s new skin looks amazing, and players will be eager to unlock it.

New Caustic Skin for Season 2 from r/apexlegends

There are still a few weeks left until season 2 goes live, so we can expect Respawn to reveal some more cosmetic items soon. In any case, the next season is going to take the game to another level for sure.