Apex Legends had a pretty good start. More than 25 million players logged into it during its first week, and that number was later increased to 50 million players at the end of its first month. While the game enjoyed an astonishing debut, it still lacked some things which made many players lose their interest in the game. The main thing which most of the players have complained about is the lack of content.

Since the game was released, Apex Legends fans have been hungry for new content. In fact, the last major update they saw was the one which added Octane to the game. Other than that, the developers have not added any new character, weapon, or skin in the game. However, it seems like players will finally get to see some brand-new content now that the developers have announced something exciting.

Apex Legends Season 2 Reveal Date

During EA’s latest earnings call, it was confirmed that Apex Legends season 2 will be revealed during E3 2019, which is scheduled to be held on June 7th. That’s right, we will finally get to see what the upcoming season will feature next month. In addition to this, EA even claimed that they are focused on offering long-term service to the Apex Legends community, and they will do this by introducing new seasons, legends, content, and much more.

Season 1 of Apex Legends started back in March. Although Respawn wanted to enhance the gameplay experience of its fans through the season, things didn’t turn out to be how they expected. In fact, Season 1 was heavily criticized for offering less content. Even it’s battle pass received a lot of hate from the Apex Legends community because of the rewards it featured. This was one of the reasons why many players left the game.

What Season 2 Might Feature

Fans currently expect Season 2 to be better than the previous one. Judging from the hate the previous season received, Respawn is going to be extra careful with the upcoming season for sure. The next season is currently expected to feature a new character. Season 1 added Octane to the game, and Season 2 is expected to add Wattson. For those who don’t know, Wattson is the character who was leaked through the game’s files some time ago. Even the popular Twitch streamer “Shroud” kind of confirmed that Wattson is indeed going to be the next legend of the game.

On the other hand, Respawn Entertainment has been trying its best to improve the game since the past few weeks. They have been updating their fans on Reddit regarding what they are currently working on. Just yesterday, the developers confirmed that they are soon going to start punishing players who just hang around with their squads without doing anything at all. In addition to this, Respawn also banned more than 770,000 cheaters in the game during the last month.