Apex Legends season 2 is all set to go live after a few days. Players all over the world are eagerly waiting for it to arrive as the upcoming season is expected to take the game to a whole new level. Season 2 is going to add some new exciting content to the game, such as a new weapon, some skins, and other items. In addition to this, it is also going to introduce another character to the game.

Wattson Might Not Be the Only New Character

Since the update which added Octane to the game, Apex Legends players have been waiting to see another character. A few weeks ago, some data miners claimed that the next character is going to be Wattson and will be added to the game in the next season. This was officially confirmed during the EA Play conference which took place at the start of this month. And now, it seems like Wattson isn’t the only character who will arrive with season 2.

After researching a lot, this is my theory for the Season 2 event from r/apexlegends

Recently, it was reported that another character might be added to the game through Apex Legends season 2. The newly discovered legend is named Crypto and he was found by Reddit user FrozenFroh. The user posted some detailed information regarding what could happen at the start of Apex Legends season 2 and what role will Crypto play in it.

Who is Crypto?

According to the user, who happens to be a data-miner, Crypto is the very Korean guy that appears in Pathfinder’s background art. The user also shared a screenshot from the game’s files and claimed that his abilities involve something related to Jamming. In his theory, he believes that Crypto is going to be the character who will jam the Replusor, which will cause a flood.

Another YouTuber who goes by the name Staycation came forward with his theory of Crypto. According to him, the legend is going to hack the Repulsor Tower and open it. Afterward, all the creatures will be released on the map. There is also a chance that Crypto might interact with the leviathans.

Will Respawn Officially Announce Him?

Back in March, there was a leak which revealed some characters that are yet to be added in the game. That was the time when Crypto’s name first surfaced, but not much was known about him till now. If what the Apex Legends experts are saying turns out to be true, then we will indeed get to see another character alongside Wattson in Apex Legends season 2. There are still some days left till the next season goes live, so Respawn might even officially reveal him. All we can do is wait and see whether we’ll get one character or two.

Apex Legends season 2 is also going to feature an improved version of the battle pass. The current battle pass was heavily criticized for featuring poor content. Respawn confirmed that they have listened to the feedback provided with the fans and will try their best to not disappoint them this time.