Apex Legends debuted back in February and the gaming community was impressed by how well the game performed in its first month. During its first week, the game attracted around 25 million players. And at the end of its first month, more than 50 million players were logging into Apex Legends daily. However, although the game had a really amazing start and it made a lot of money during its debut month, it seems like Respawn isn’t generating a lot of revenue anymore from the game.

Apex Legends’ Revenue Has Dropped

Recently, SuperData released a new report which shows that Apex Legends’ revenue has dropped drastically over the past two months. During February, the game generated around $92 million in revenue. However, in the month of April, Apex Legends managed to earn only $24 million. This indicates that the game’s revenue has dropped by 74% since its debut month.

Apex Legends’ Viewership

During the previous month, it was reported that Apex Legends’ viewership on Twitch was slowly decreasing. This was because many players were starting to lose their interest in the game, and this might be also the very reason behind why the game has failed to generate a lot of money during the previous month. Although 50 million players were playing Apex Legends during its first month, it seems like most of them have already left the game.

Reasons Behind Why Players Left the Game

One of the reasons why players left the game is lack of content. Since the game was released, Respawn has only released one major update for their game. Aside from adding a new character and a battle pass, which was criticized for offering only a few items, the update didn’t add anything else such as weapons or skins. As the developers were not releasing any new update for their game, many players decided to leave the game as they just couldn’t play with the same stuff over and over again.

Many players also claimed that they were unable to play the game properly because of hackers. For those who don’t know, Apex Legends became a target for hackers shortly after it was released. Although Respawn tried to ban as many cheaters as they possibly could, new ones kept on appearing in the game. Not only this but at the end of the previous month, it was also reported that Respawn has banned over 770,000 accounts that were found cheating. However, the issue of hackers still remains the same.

In any case, it can be clearly seen that Apex Legends has failed to keep up with the hype it built during its launch month. In addition to this, Respawn has also failed to keep players attached to the game. During the previous month, the developers claimed that they are currently focusing more on fixing the game instead of adding new content, something which many players appreciated. However, so far, they have released only one update which brought fixes for a few issues present in the game. Only time will tell whether the developers will manage to increase the game’s revenue in the coming months or not.