Apex Legends was released back in February and the game instantly became one of the most popular battle royale titles out there. The reason behind its popularity was the fact that it featured a really unique and new gameplay experience. Players instantly fell in love with how they could take control of various legends and take part in some thrilling battles.

Although the game had a great start, it soon became filled with bugs and glitches. During its early days, there weren’t a lot of them present in the game, so no one was bothered by them. However, since the past few weeks, new ones have been appearing on the surface, and some of them have even ruined the game. Not only this, but the developers have also failed to fix some bugs that have been present in the game since the start.

Apex Legends Collison Bug

Two months ago, a bug appeared in Apex Legends which allowed some players to land quicker than other players. What basically happened was that players were getting pushed by those who were falling behind them, because of why they were landing faster. This collision bug put a lot of players at a disadvantage as they were getting killed instantly by those who landed before them.

When Respawn announced that they are going to release a brand-new patch for the game this week, many hoped that it will bring a fix for this issue. But things didn’t turn out to be how players expected as the fix hasn’t arrived with the new update. However, as many fans were disappointed after not seeing a fix for the collision issue, Respawn has decided to give them an update regarding why it didn’t arrive.

Respawn’s Previous Claims

On Reddit, a Respawn developer claimed that the bug has been fixed locally but their recent patches are only made for a few specific things. The thing which is bothering a lot of players is that a month ago, Respawn claimed that the bug will be fixed through the update which will be released after V1.12. However, even after the release of V1.13, the developers still haven’t fixed the issue.

At the moment, Respawn has confirmed that the issue has been fixed locally but they are yet to reveal when the fix will arrive. Fans might have to wait a few more weeks as the developers are slow when it comes to releasing updates.

On the other hand, Respawn also has to fix various other bugs that have appeared in the game in the past few weeks. Players recently discovered a bug which converted Wraith’s portal into an endless portal loop. These bugs are ruining the gameplay experience of many players, and some of them have already left the game because of them. If Respawn wants to keep players attached to the game, then they will have to start fixing these bugs soon.