Respawn Entertainment has continuously improved Apex Legends since the game’s release in February. Over the past year, they have released a variety of different updates through which they have added new content to the game. In addition to this, they have changed various elements and have made improvements to different sections.

Although the game’s launch was a success, some issues started appearing in it after a few months. At the end of its first month, more than 50 million players were playing Apex Legends. However, this number started decreasing as players started complaining about various issues. But Respawn still managed to improve their game by listening to the feedback of players and introducing what they wanted.

Lack of Modes in Apex

Since the game was released, there are a few things that players have requested a lot. These include the solos, duos, and a full 4-player squad mode. Unlike other battle royale games, Apex Legends launched only with a  trios mode. This is something that sparked a lot of debate in the community regarding whether this is acceptable or not. Players have still enjoyed the game with a trios mode.

Respawn Entertainment has given players a taste of both solos and duos mode by introducing them as limited-time modes from time to time. The developers claimed that they are going to first check the feedback regarding these modes and then decide whether they should be adding them permanently or not. After a few months, Respawn recently confirmed that they are going to add the duos mode permanently. While this announcement made a lot of players happy, some are still not happy with it.

Apex Legends Developer Talks About Solo Mode

The reason behind why players are not that much happy about this decision is that they want to see a solo mode too. Many of them in the community have requested Respawn to add the solos mode permanently too alongside the duos mode. Even Apex Legends pro Carlo ‘Dcop” Delsol complained about the solo mode on Twitter. In reply to his tweet, one of the game’s developers claimed that the “solos mode isn’t healthy of the game.”

Dcop also went on to even say that he has seen the solos mode being one of the most requested things in the Apex community. However, the developer claimed that the day they gather is the ‘key’ and they just cannot only rely on Reddit and Twitter to get this data.

At the moment, Respawn has clearly confirmed that they are not planning to add solo permanently in the game. Although it is something that the community wants a lot, the devs think that it isn’t good for the game. However, one thing to keep in mind here is that players shouldn’t feel down because of this as Respawn might add it sometime in the future. For the time being, they can start playing in the duos mode. Respawn will most likely give another update regarding the solo mode during the next season. The Old Ways limited-time event is also going to go live on April 7.