Apex Legends is a game which allows you to jump into battles with two other players. The developers are yet to announce a solo, duo, or a full squad game mode, meaning that we are currently stuck with the trio option. However, the current mode is kind of an amazing one because the game is completely team based, and you just cannot win a match without having two players by your side.

Respawn to Address the Issue of Piggybacking

Since the past few days, Respawn has been providing updates regarding what they are currently working on. On Reddit, the developers have claimed that they are going to address various issues present in Apex Legends. Interestingly, they have confirmed to solve a really serious issue of the game, that is Piggybacking.

For those who don’t know, Piggybacking is when a player joins a squad of skilled players and lets them lead him to victory. Such players just hang around without doing anything and wait for their teammates to eliminate their opponents. Through this, they can collect XP to level up easily without doing anything at all. This is something which has bothered many skilled players as they are annoyed with other players leeching on their skills. However, it seems like Respawn is finally going to teach the piggy-backers a lesson.

Respawn Check In 5.10 from r/apexlegends

Players Who Piggyback to Get Banned

According to Respawn, they are going to issue a temporary ban to players who piggyback. Not only this, but the developers further claimed that if the player continues to do such actions even after getting banned temporarily, then this will lead to a permanent ban. One thing to keep in mind here is that this will not be implemented immediately as Respawn just wanted to give fans an update about what they can expect to see in the future.

Other Solutions for This Issue

Some players have claimed that banning players who piggyback is not the right solution to this issue. According to them, the developers should reduce the XP given for surviving throughout the match and increase the XP players get for eliminating an opponent. Some players have also stated that banning players can even ruin some matches as it is sometimes hard to tell if a player was actually piggybacking or not.

The issue of piggybacking isn’t something new. We have seen it before in other battle royale titles such as PUBG and Fortnite. Respawn currently seems to be the only developer who cares about this issue as this is something which can ruin the game. If you are someone who just sticks around his team until they win the match for you, then you might have to be careful next time as Respawn can start issuing bans without giving another warning.

On the other hand, the developers have also claimed that they are going to fix several other issues of Apex Legends. The next update is expected to bring a fix for the audio bugs that have been ruining the sound of the game. In addition to this, the hitbox issue of Caustic and Gibraltar is also expected to get fixed in the next update.