Apex Legends players will soon get to enjoy a brand new event, The Old Ways. This new event is based on Bloodhound and it is going to feature a lot of exciting new things. Players can expect to get their hands on some exclusive limited-time skins, along with many other cosmetic items. However, the thing which has left everyone excited is the new limited-time mode.

Respawn Entertainment always introduced a limited-time mode with an event. We have previously enjoyed a variety of different events. For instance, during the Halloween themed event, we enjoyed the Fight or Fright event which took place in a night-version of Kings Canyon. In addition to this, we enjoyed Mirage’s event during Christmas that featured trains. And now, Bloodhound is getting an event for himself.

Apex Legends Next In-Game Event

The new event is going to focus on Prowlers. For those who don’t know, these creatures are from the Titanfall universe and were leaked in the game’s files some time ago. However, they never made an appearance in the game and fans were confused about whether they will ever arrive or not. Recently, as an in-game teaser, Respawn placed a dead body of a Prowler near the Sniper’s Ridge. Later on, in the official blog post, they confirmed the addition of Prowlers when they mentioned them in the event’s description.

Apex Legends

Since this is going to be a really different event, you must be prepared for it. This is because you are going to engage with not only enemy teams this time, but also with some new creatures. Here are a few things that can help you prepare for the event.

Firing Range

The first thing you need to do is enter the firing range and practice your aim. You must get quick with shooting because, during the event, you will be dealing with both Prowlers and enemy squads. This means that you will have to focus on both things at the same time.

Stick With Favorite Weapons

Another thing that can help you out is sticking to a specific weapon combination. This is something really important as you will perform better with only your favorite weapons. This is why you should only practice with those weapons in the training range.

Get Good Teammates

This is perhaps the most important thing. Make sure to get some friends on board because you cannot enjoy the event with random teammates. If your friends play with you, then you will be able to get things done in the right way. But if you’re someone who has no friends who play Apex, then you can simply sharpen your skills. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting teammates who don’t know how to play properly.

Apex Legends

Learn The Mode First

The final thing we’ll suggest is that once the event goes live, make sure to first learn everything in the mode before focusing on completing the challenges. If you blindly start playing the mode, then you will only end up ruining your experience. Therefore, play a few games of it first, and then developer different strategies.