The much awaited Apex Legends season 3 was released a few days ago, on October 1. The new season has introduced a lot of exciting new content to the game, including a new character and a brand new map. However, it seems like Respawn is planning to introduce some more content to the game as a data miner has managed to find something really exciting.

New Halloween Game Mode

Recently, a popular Apex data miner who goes by the name That1MiningGuy recently decided to dig through the game’s files of season 3 and found something really interesting. The latter discovered a new game mode that had a file named “Shadow_Squad_mode_about.” This basically means that the spookiest month of the year is going to treat Apex players with a brand new game mode.

The new game mode is basically going to take place in an abandoned Kings Canyon, and it will be hosted by the Revenant. For those who don’t know, the Revenant was leaked through the game files some time ago by some data miners, and it is one of the unreleased Legends. The legend has a Shadow Stance, and fans might finally get to have their first look at the legend through the upcoming game mode.

You Will Have to Launch Solo

As for the game mode, players will have to fight till the end. The leaked information suggests that it will be a solo mode, meaning that you cannot rely on your friends this time. However, there is a big twist. As soon as you will get eliminated, you will reborn on the new Shadow Squad faction. The Shadow Squad will be able to hunt other players and will have increased mobility. In addition to this, they are also going to have a damaging melee attack.

What Your Main Goal Will be

Your main goal will be to survive for as long as you can. You will have to make it to the top 10. The final 10 players are then going to team up and will have to escape. The Shadow Squad on the other hand, are going to try their best to stop them. In any case, the mode is going to be really exciting since we haven’t seen anything like this before. Apex has a habit of releasing amazing game modes from time to time, the last one being Armed and Dangerous that was featured in the Voidwalker event.

New Skins

That1MiningGuy also revealed that there are going to be some amazing new Halloween-themed skins that players will be able to unlock. These include a Frankenstein skin for Gibraltar and a spider-themed skin for Lifeline. Once the event goes live, we can expect more skins to become available. However, we currently don’t know whether you will have to unlock these skins through challenges or purchase them from the in-game store.

On the other hand, Apex Legends players are also experiencing a new error code recently. The new error code is called Code Shoe and it is disconnecting players from the game.