If you play Apex Legends, then you already know about its training mode. It’s the one where Blood Hound welcomes you and teaches you the basics of the game. In it, you get to learn how you can slide down hills and how different weapons work. However, the training mode is still missing many important things that should’ve been in it from the start. And now, it seems like some players want some changes in it.

Player Explains Why the Training Mode Is Useless

On Reddit, an Apex Legends player decided to write down what he thinks about the training mode. According to him, Apex Legends training mode is really simple and straightforward where you get to shoot some targets and learn about weapons. It’s ideal for new players as they can learn how to shoot moving objects, how much damage their weapons deal, and what shooting patterns do weapons have. However, all of this is something which will not help an experienced player.

Lets talk about the training mode. from r/apexlegends

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new player or an experienced one, you still need a mode where you can train. Unfortunately, in Apex Legends’ case, the training mode is only useful for new players. For experienced players, the targets are too easy to hit, and they move slower than an actual running character. In addition to this, players can use weapons without their attachments, because of why they don’t get to practice with different attachments.

The training mode also allows us to play as Lifeline, so we don’t get to practice with other characters. This doesn’t end here as there is one more thing which bothers a lot of players. Whenever a player enters the training mode for the first time, he must complete a tutorial by following whatever Bloodhound says. However, instead of just completing the tutorial for the first time only, players must complete it every time they enter the training mode. This is something everyone finds time-consuming, and hence avoid using the training mode.

How Respawn Can Improve the Training Mode

The Reddit user provided some suggestions that can improve the training mode. To start with, Respawn should make different size targets that move at different speeds. This will allow players to practice shooting fast running characters. Players should also get a chance to skip the tutorial if they want to when they enter the training mode.

In addition to this, there should be information boards that provide statistics for your training session. This will help players with improving their aim and other shooting aspects. Finally, the developers should consider including attachments in the training mode. We all know that some guns become more powerful with a hop up attached to them, so we really need them in this mode.

These were some amazing suggestions and if Respawn really takes them into consideration, then we can expect to see an improved version of the training mode. Let’s hope that the developers start working on this soon.