Apex Legends had a really astonishing start, but it slowly lost a lot of its fan base because of many reasons. Some players stopped playing because of hackers, while others left the game because of the lack of content. Not only this, but it was also reported that the game’s revenue has dropped by 74% in just two months. And now, it seems like some players don’t like the in-game shop at all.

The In-Game Store Is Overpriced

Recently, on Reddit, a player made a post where he claimed that the items offered in the in-game store have a high price, and the cosmetics are not attractive at all. The user further added that the feedback of players is getting ignored completely, and the game which had the potential to become one of the top Esports game is slowly losing its charm.

SHOP BOYCOTT: Not only are the skins not very attractive they cost $18 and could be a major driving factor of the revenue loss and player decline that has been reported recently. Boycott the store for better prices and everyone wins if they listen. from r/apexlegends

The user further added that overpriced items in the game’s shop can be the reason behind the game’s revenue and player base loss. This is kind of correct since many players who left the game claimed that they were bored with playing with the same content over and over again. In addition to this, they were unable to buy their favourite skins or items because of their high price tags.

Some Players Don’t Even Visit the Store

Some users replied to the post where they claimed that they just cannot boycott a store from where they haven’t ever bought anything. This further confirms that players are indeed unable to buy items because of the high costs. Meanwhile, some people think that boycotting the shop will not make Respawn or EA change how things work in the game. According to them, the game does not force you to buy items. Players can either try their luck with the loot boxes they get or simply spend some money to get it.

For those who don’t know, Apex Legends has its own in-game currency named Apex Coins. Through these coins, players can buy various items from the in-game shop which offers different items every day. Players can also use these Apex Coins to buy Apex Boxes which contain either a common, rare, epic, or a legendary item. However, it seems like many players have been avoiding buying anything from the store since the start. Most of them must be getting items from the Apex Boxes they get after they rank up.

Apex Legends’ competitor, Fortnite also has an in-game store, but players absolutely love it. The reason behind this is that its in-game store offers a wide variety of items, and the majority of them don’t have a high price tag. If Respawn wants to start earning some serious revenue from the game, then they have to increase the number of items present in the in-game store. In addition to this, they must also lower their prices so that people can buy them with ease. In any case, let’s see how Respawn is going to respond to this issue.