Apex Legends might have had a really amazing debut, but it was still filled with many bugs and errors shortly after its release. Since February, players have complained about numerous problems they have been facing in the game, including some game-breaking bugs. And now, it seems like another new error has appeared which is preventing players from playing the game.

Apex Legends Code Wheel Has Appeared

Recently, some Apex Legends players have reported that they are getting a new error code, Code Wheel while they are playing the game. Not only this, but this new error code is behaving the exact same way as Code Leaf, which was discovered in the first week of June. The code basically made it difficult for players to play the game properly as it was disconnecting them again and again from their matches. The same is happening with Code Wheel as players are getting timed out of their games.

This is different, code wheel. Whats this even mean? from r/apexlegends

Respawn Is Yet to Provide an Update

At the moment, we don’t know why this issue is being caused. Even Respawn Entertainment is yet to provide an update regarding when they will fix this issue. Some players are even claiming that Code Wheel is actually Code Leaf but with the different name. According to them, the developers have just simply renamed the older error code while they try to fix it. But even if this is not the case, Respawn will have to do something about this soon as they will have to work on fixing two error codes now.

Issues Are Still Present

Before Apex Legends season 2 was released, many fans were hoping that it will fix the majority of the issues present in the game. However, this wasn’t the case at all as its been more than three weeks now since season 2 went live and the game is still in its previous state. Aside from some new content, a new character, and an improved version of the battle pass, players didn’t get to see any major improvements to the game’s stability.

As Respawn’s wants to bring back those players who left the game during the first few months, their goal should be to improve the game. Even two months ago, the developers claimed that they are going to focus more on improving the game rather than adding new content to it. Respawn was praised for what they said as many players claimed that the game’s stability should be a priority. However, all of them are still waiting for many issues to get fixed.

In any case, all we can do is wait for the developers to give us an update regarding what they are doing about the two error codes. If they are not fixed soon, then some players might even leave the game again as the error codes are preventing them from having a good experience.  No one likes to get disconnected from their game repeatedly.