Apex Legends had an outstanding start. When the game was released in February, it managed to grab the attention of around 25 million players in its first week. Not only this, but this number was increased to 50 million players at the end of its first month. However, the viewership of Apex Legends slowly started to decrease on Twitch as many players left the game because of various issues.

One of the reasons why players left the game is the number of bugs present in Apex Legends. Although the developers promised to fix the game instead of adding new content, we still haven’t seen any major update since the once which added Octane. And now, players who are still attached to Apex Legends are starting to get annoyed because of the sound bugs.

Apex Legends Sound Is Ruined

Recently, on the subreddit of Apex Legends, a user claimed that the sound of the game was perfect at launch but is now completely ruined. According to him, the sound now tears up from time to time and becomes unbearable to listen to.

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Respawn’s Jay Frechette quickly responded to this claim by stating that they are aware of this issue and will bring a fix for it in the next update. However, another user responded to Jay’s comment by claiming that they don’t want the developers to work too hard, but they at least want to see one bug getting fixed.

This isn’t the only bug which ruined the sound of the game. A few weeks ago, another bug was discovered because of which players were unable to hear any sounds when they were firing their weapons. In addition to this, many players couldn’t listen to the sounds of their opponents walking nearby them, which put them at a disadvantage.

Bugs and Glitches in Apex Legends

Bugs and glitches are something that have been present in Apex Legends since its debut. Although many players were not that disturbed by the bugs at the start, they are now slowly getting annoyed by them as they are not getting fixed. During the previous month, players were discovering new bugs almost every other week. A player even managed to discover a bug which allowed him to jump while in a downed state. Not only this, but he was able to jump on the back of a pickup truck thanks to the bug, after which his teammate revived him with ease.

Respawn Entertainment will have to do something about this soon. Many payers have already left the game because of these bugs, and the developers might start losing more players if they don’t fix them. Although the developers have been trying to improve the game, they still aren’t doing enough. Earlier this month, Respawn revealed that they have banned around 770,000 accounts who were using hacks in the game. All we can do is wait and see what the developers have planned for their popular battle royale title.