Cheating has been a problem in Apex Legends since the game was released in February. At the start, there weren’t many cheaters in the game. However, within only a few months, their number has increased greatly. They are using different software and it is hard to tell these days whether someone is actually cheating or not. Same can be said for a streamer who was recently caught cheating. However, it turns out that the latter was not cheating at all.

Why He Was Accused of Cheating

What basically happened was that during one of his matches, Otto “ottr” Bostrom managed to get some eliminations in a really suspicious way. After he eliminated a player, the latter kept on shooting and his crosshair automatically moved and locked into another player. Within seconds, ottr was able to get his second elimination. The thing which caught the attention of viewers was how perfectly the streamer was able to get his second elimination, something which isn’t possible with using a cheating software.

apex legends streamer caught aimbotting on stream in tournament from r/LivestreamFail

Shortly after players started accusing him of cheating, ottr denied all these claims. In a post on Reddit, he wrote that people are concerned about his reaction to what happened, but he reacts like that all the time when something suspicious happens. He even added that he is currently trying to find some clips from the past in which he reacts the same way. However, one player saved him from the trouble after he found evidence that all of that happened because of a bug.

It Happened Because of A Bug

Surprisingly, in that very specific area of the map where the incident took place, there is a bug which makes the crosshair move upward. A player actually went to the area and recorded a clip in which it can be seen that his crosshair moved upward, something which happened with ottr. The only difference between him and ottr was that the streamer managed to get an elimination thanks to this bug.

Ottr’s Ban Was Revoked

Although the streamer was banned from Apex after what happened, his ban was revoked after just 40 minutes thanks to Apex’s senior designer. While the senior designer didn’t provide any major details, one Respawn employee confirmed that their team reviewed ottr’s clip and discovered that he wasn’t cheating. The streamer must’ve been surely relived after seeing an official statement which proves his innocence.

Respawn might’ve helped the streamer with clearing his name, they still need to do something about this bug asap. This is kind of a bug which can ruin the concept of fair play, and other players might even get banned because of it. However, this isn’t the first bug that has appeared in the game and the developers are yet to fix a lot of them. All we can do is wait and see how Respawn will overcome the issue of bugs and glitches in Apex Legends.