There are some players who carefully cheat in games so that they don’t get caught, while others just want to show the whole world that they are cheating. Same can be said for a player who was casually cheating during one of his live streams of Apex Legends and was even banned for doing so.

Player Who Was Banned for Cheating

Recently, a player who goes by the name “Entzy” was streaming his Apex Legends matches on his YouTube channel. However, the latter was seen cheating during his match, and he was proudly accepting it too. Even the title of his stream was “Entzy | CHEATING ON APEX,” indicating that he wanted all of his viewers to know that he is using cheats.

During the stream, the latter managed to win a match in which he was able to see a rectangular box around other players, and he was able to easily land each shot on his enemy’s head. Although he was really confident about what he was doing, his account was instantly banned right after the match ended. However, the ban wasn’t a surprise to him at all and he instead gave a surprising reaction to it.

When the player was banned from the game, he casually claimed that he will just log into another account. He was even surprised after seeing that the ban took longer than he had expected. Although he soon discovered that his other accounts have been banned too, he still claimed that he will be back in the game soon. We even got to see Entzy talking with other people during the stream where they were discussing “hacking” and “cheating” done in Apex Legends.

Respawn’s Anti-Cheat Software Is Slow

Entzy may have gotten the punishment he deserved but Respawn was slow with the process. Entzy’s stream was around two hours long in which he was using various cheats, meaning that it took around two hours for the anti-cheat software of the game to ban him. This indicates that Respawn’s anti-cheat system is slow, and they need to do something about its reaction time.

Apex legends is a great game Respawn, but these cheaters are getting out of control! from r/apexlegends

Apex Legends has also been slowly losing its viewership in the past few weeks. When the game was debuted, its viewership was around 40 million hours. However, that number has now dropped to around 10 million hours because many players have started to lose their interest in the game.

The reason why many players are slowly leaving Apex Legends is because the game has lack of content. Many players have claimed that there is not enough variety in the game. It is also filled with a lot of bugs and glitches, which Respawn has to fix soon. In addition to this, cheating is also a really big issue in the game as many hackers come up with tricks to ruin the gameplay experience of many players. Let’s just hope that Respawn does something about these issues soon before things get out of hands.