Although season 2 was released only a few weeks ago, Apex Legends fans are still eagerly waiting to see another character. The latest season added Wattson in the game, and players absolutely love her electrical abilities. However, their hunger for new content has not ended and they want more. And now, it seems like they might actually get to see a new character soon.

Who is The New Legend?

Recently, some data miners have discovered a new character through the game’s files. For those who don’t know, these data miners were also the ones responsible for leaking details about Wattson and Octane before they were officially confirmed. Now, they have again used their skills to find new information. Interestingly, the have managed to discover a new character named “Buddy.”

That’s right, Buddy is currently expected to be the next character of Apex Legends. The data miners managed to find some interesting information and lines, such as “buddy_land_slime_3p” and “buddy_sprint_slime_3p.” In addition to this, “buddy_crouch_brush” and “buddy_crouch_concrete,” were also discovered in the game’s files. These basically confirm that a character named Buddy is indeed in the works.

We Need to Wait

Although we currently don’t know much about who Buddy is and what abilities he has, we can expect new information to appear soon. Data miners have been leaking such information since the start, and most of it has always turned out to be accurate at the end. However, Respawn still claims that the information presented by data miners is not always true. JayFresh, Respawn’s community manager, once claimed that such information should only be considered speculations. This means that we shouldn’t get our hopes high up until Respawn confirms something about Buddy.

In addition to this, while Buddy might be the next character of Apex Legends, there is another character who is currently believed to be added in the game soon. Crypto, the very legend who is believed to be the reason behind Repulsor Tower’s destruction has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. Data miners discovered him through the game’s files before season 2 was released. At the moment, all we can do is what until Respawn provides an update about the next legend of their battle royale title.

Current Issues in Apex Legends

One the other hand, some Apex Legends players are currently finding it difficult to play the game properly. Apparently, a new error code has appeared in the game because of which players are getting disconnected from their matches. The new error code is named Code Wheel, and it is acting the same way as Code Leaf.

Some people even think that Code Wheel is just a new name given to Code Leaf in order to cover it up. In any case, many players are currently wondering when the error will get fixed. Respawn Entertainment is also yet to provide any update regarding this. There are also some new bugs that have appeared in the game which need the developer’s attention.