Apex Legends has had a plethora of bugs and glitches since it was released back in February. They are something because of why many players left the game during the early months of the game. While Respawn has tried its best to fix the majority of them, they just can’t stop new ones from appearing on the surface. And now, it seems like another new exploit has appeared in the game.

A few weeks ago, some Apex Legends players discovered an exploit linked with Wraith’s Into the Void ability. Through it, they were able to use this ability as many times as they wanted to without waiting for it to cooldown. Not only this, but some popular streamers even became a victim of this bug. Since this issue was getting out of hand, Respawn instantly released a fix for it. However, while everyone thought that the developers have finally patched all of Wraith’s exploits, it seems like this is not the case at all.

New Wraith Exploit

Recently, a player posted a video on YouTube in which he revealed another Wraith exploit. Not only did he inform his viewers about what the exploit is, he even showed them how to activate it. To begin with, the player first claimed that all of Wraith’s previous exploits were triggered by canceling the animation on her Into the Void ability. Because of this very reason, he tried different ways to cancel the animation and ended up finding another exploit.

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The player basically revealed that the new exploit lets you reset the Into the Void ability at the top of the balloon. He went to the top, pressed the Q button, and then remained in the animation for a decent amount of time. When the latter landed, he was able to use his ability again instantly. For those wondering, getting shot out of the balloon cancels the animation of Into the Void, something which will allow you to use it again.

How It Is Useful

Most of you will think of this exploit as useless. However, there can be times when this exploit can actually save your life. For instance, as Into the Void saves you from every type of damage, you can use it when the ring is closing down. However, since this exploit ruins the concept of fair play, Respawn needs to patch it soon.

On the other hand, Apex Legends players will get to enjoy season 3 after a few days. The next season is currently scheduled to go live on October 1, and it will introduce some exciting new content to the game. Fans are currently waiting to see Crypto, who is going to be the latest addition to the game’s list of characters. For those who don’t know, Crypto is the very character that was leaked alongside Wattson prior to season 2. In addition to this, season 3 is also going to feature some new weapons, cosmetic items, and a brand-new battle pass.