After months of waiting, Apex Legends players are finally going to see a new update. That’s right, the developers have confirmed that they are going to release the next update for their battle royale title early next week. This was confirmed by Respawn’s community manager “Jayfresh” on Reddit who claimed that the next patch is going to address some major issues present in the game.

Apex Legends Next Update

As promised earlier, the next update is going to improve the audio of the game and will fix some bugs that have completely ruined the audio. There have been many times when the sound of the game becomes completely muted and players are unable to hear anything at all. Some players have also claimed that their gunshots start sounding like popcorn popping.

Sound Fixed and Improvements

In addition to this, there are certain moments when the sound bug causes the sound of footsteps and other movements to disappear, something which player cannot afford at all. We all are aware of how important these sounds are in Apex Legends as, without them, surviving is just impossible. However, those who have been facing such issues shouldn’t worry anymore as Respawn is going to bring a fix for them in the next update.

One thing to keep in mind here is that the sound issue will not get completely fixed through the next patch. Respawn has claimed that while the issue will not get completely fixed, they will still make the audio engine 30% more CPU efficient, something which will decrease the chances of distortions and dropouts. In addition to this, the developers are also planning to increase the volume of close proximity footsteps so that players are able to judge the movements of their opponents in a much better way.

Crash Issues Will Be Addressed

Respawn has further confirmed that they are going to address the crash issue. In the past few weeks, some players have claimed that their game has been crashing frequently. The developers have found that this crash issue is being caused by Intel CPU’s only as they are not executing the instructions properly. Although the developers have confirmed that they are going to try to fix the issue through the next update, they have still contacted Intel to complete fix this issue.

Fortified Ability to Get Fixed

The Fortified Passive ability for Gibraltar and Caustic will also finally get fixed. For those who don’t know, the Fortified ability was meant to decrease the damage taken by these two legends by 10 percent. However, the ability was not working properly, and the two characters were taking the same amount of damage as before. While this issue will hopefully get fixed through the next patch, Respawn is also going to fix the bug that allowed players to stick objects to Gibraltar’s Gun Shield.

The next update is also going to address some various issues present in the game. Players can surely expect their game to get improved after this update. In any case, all we can do is wait and see whether the update is going to fix the game or not.