Apex Legends season 3 was released a few weeks ago and it was a success. The new season changed the game as it introduced a lot of exciting new content. From a new character to a new map, season 3 brought everything we hoped for. However, some fans weren’t happy with a new weapon that was added to the game through the new season.

Problems With The Charge Rifle

Season 3 introduced the Charge Rifle, a weapon that was leaked by some data miners a month ago. While everyone was excited to use it, some players found some problems with it. Most of them claimed that the weapon was too overpowered, and it was putting other players at a disadvantage. However, it seems like Respawn has finally decided to nerf the sniper rifle so that no one has any problems with it.

For those who don’t know, Respawn Entertainment has a Dev Tracker board on Trello where they post updates regarding what they are working on. Last week, the board was updated by the dev team through which they confirmed a few adjustments coming to the Charge Rifle. Later on, during the first episode of the Apex Devstream, the community manager of Apex Legends claimed that they aren’t going to make adjustments to the gun’s damage. Instead, they are going to focus on changing the gun’s magazine size and the number of bullets fired per shot.

It Has Been Nerfed

And now, Respawn has finally released a small update that has nerfed the Charge Rifle. Although the developers didn’t provide any patch notes along with the update, you can notice the changes once you start playing the game. To begin with, you will notice that the magazine size as well as the number of bullets fired per shot of the Charge Rifle has now been changed. The sniper rifle now has nine bullets in its magazine, and it shoots three bullets with each shot.

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Other Fixes

Other than the Charge Rifle, the latest update has addressed some other issues that were present in the game. It has fixed a bug because of why players outside the first ring were receiving damage a little too quickly. Many players complained about this bug on Reddit, but it has now been fixed. In addition to this, players will no longer be able to spam quips while in the dropship. For those who don’t know, the Quip Wheel was something that was introduced in the game with season 3.

The Quip Wheel allowed players to equip and use different voice lines during a match. However, players soon noticed that everyone could hear their quips if they used them while in the dropship. But now, after the latest update, they will have to wait until they are off the dropship before they can use the quips.

On the other hand, players can enjoy a brand-new Limited Time Mode called Shadowfall. The new mode is based on Halloween and it takes place in an abandoned Kings Canyon.