Apex Legends players always enjoy different events that Respawn introduces from time to time. Since the game was released, there have been several events through which the developers have introduced exciting new game modes and a number of amazing skins. From holiday-themed events to regular ones, we have seen it all. And now, some new teasers have surfaced suggesting that players will be able to enjoy a brand new event soon. That’s right, the teasers have also confirmed the existence of Prowlers that were leaked a few months back.

In Apex Legends, Town Takeovers are really fun events. Through these events, the developers add new locations on the map and they are based on different characters. So far, we have seen Town Takeover events for Octane, Wraith, and Mirage. The event for Mirage was the most recent one and it was combined with the Christmas event. The locations that were featured in those events are still present around the map, and players can still make the most out of them.

Since the past few weeks, many leaks and speculations surfaced claiming that the next Town Takeover event is going to be for Bloodhound. He is one of the most popular characters in Apex, and it’s no surprise that Respawn is planning to treat its fans. When it was first leaked, not much was know about it only that it will focus on Bloodhound and possibly reveal some of his back story.

New Town Takeover Event

Now, it is said that the Town Takeover will take place during Easter. This also means that we will get to see an Easter-themed event. However, this isn’t a surprise considering Respawn has always celebrated holidays with a bang. Earlier, we have enjoyed events such as the Halloween-themed event, and the Christmas event. Respawn has also started placing teasers for the upcoming event. On March 31, different flags were placed on mountains around Sniper’s Ridge. And now, they have placed a body of a dead creature.

This creature has never ever been seen before in Apex Legends. Although Respawn has provided any details about it, many believe that it is a Prowler. For those who don’t know, Prowlers are creatures just like the Leviathans who are believed to make their way to the game soon. In addition to this, Titanfall players will be familiar with this creature as it is from that universe. A data miner also recently leaked some animations of the creature which revealed that these creatures will be able to track down enemies, and even hunt them.

Other than the above information, nothing is know about the upcoming event yet. However, considering Easter is just around the corner, we can expect Respwan to post something about it soon. The developers are well known for teasing their players in the most surprising way, so make sure to keep an eye out. The Easter event is going to bring the Town Takeover event along with some exciting new skins that will be based on Easter.