Apex Legends was released back in February and it has since then managed to become one of the top battle royale titles in the world. The game quickly gained popularity because of its unique and interesting gameplay as it was downloaded by 50 million players in its first month. However, since the game’s release, it has been filled with many problems. While developer Respawn has managed to address most of these problems, there still exist some issues that are an annoyance for players. One of these is the issue of bugs.

Bugs and glitches are something found in almost every other multiplayer title. These bugs can appear from anywhere and can have a negative effect in the game. Some of these bugs are common and are not a big problem. However, there are a few that can make the game unplayable. The same is the case with Apex Legends. The game has always been filled with many bugs and players are annoyed by them. Respawn has released various updates through which they have they fixed many of them, but they just cannot prevent new ones from appearing in the game. And now, a new bug had appeared that is ruining the gameplay experience of many players.

Apex Legends New Bug

Since the past few days, Apex players have been reporting about a new bug that has appeared in the game. This new bug has been making them pick up the wrong items while looting. What basically happens is that whenever a player points himself towards picking up an item from the supply bin, the item card shows something else and even picks up the wrong item. In fact, they even end up switching their weapon instead of something else. For example, a player will try to pick up light ammo from the supply bin. However, the game will instead switch the player’s weapon with the one present right next to light ammo.

The loot boxes right now are a mess. We need to keep reminding them that this is an issue. from apexlegends

This can be quite frustrating even when you are safely looting. For those who don’t know, whenever a player switches a weapon, then all of the attachments that were on the previous weapon also get dropped. Some players therefore get annoyed when the bug switches their weapon and they have to pick it all up again.

Fix Is On The Way

In any case, Respawn has confirmed that they are aware about this bug and are currently working on a fix for it. We all know that Respawn is quick when it comes to fixing bugs because they just can’t afford loosing more players. Since the game was released, Respawn has been constantly updating their game so that players remain satisfied with it.

The issue of bugs in Apex Legends will most likely remain for some time. This is because it is impossible for the developers to completely solve it. However, it is great to see that Respawn always quickly responds to such issues.