Apex Legends fans got to enjoy a new character, Wattson thanks to season 2. For those who don’t know, Wattson is the very character who was leaked by data miners before she was officially announced. And now, it seems like another character who was found in the game’s files by some data miners is soon arriving in Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends Crypto

That1MininGuy, a well-known Apex Legends data miner decided to do some more digging in the game’s files. Luckily, he was able to find some interesting information about Crypto. For those who don’t know, Crypto was leaked by some data miners before season 2 was launched. Not only this, but he is even believed to be the very character who hacked Repulsor Tower and destroyed it, allowing creatures to enter the land.

Will Be Able to Hack Terminals

In short, Crypto is the very reason why Kings Canyon is not as it was before. Because of what he did, Leviathans and Flyers entered the land and destroyed a lot of it. And now, it seems like we have some more information regarding what this legend can do. The data miner was able to find a lot of files that contained the word terminal in them. For instance, there were two files “terminal_usable” and “communication/terminal.”

Now, these new files give us further information about Crypto’s abilities. Since the character was first discovered, it has been known that he will have hacking abilities. The new files basically indicate that there is going to be a terminal in the game which Crypto will be able to use. This will be somewhat similar to Pathfinder’s beacon that the robot can use to find the next ring’s location.

How Will the Terminal Work?

If this is the case, then Crypto will be able to use the terminal to find something important. There is a filed named “hacRadius 2000,” which indicates that he will be able to find something within the given radius. Players might get to know their enemy’s location or where important loot is through this terminal. The data miner thinks that it may work like a map hack through which he will get to know if any enemies passes by him.

In any case, judging from what Crypto will offer, he might become the next favorite legend for many players. Taking down your enemies with the help of hacking is going to be really epic. Although Respawn’s community manager once claimed that these leaks are not always true, most of them have turned out to be accurate. All we can do is wait and see what the developers have in mind for us.

Apex Legends has started to gain back the player base it once had. EA’s CEO claimed that season 2 helped a lot with bringing more players to Apex Legends. Not only this, but they are now even seeing more daily and weekly players.