Apex Legends is the type of game that is filled with legends and weapons. The best thing is that these legends and weapons can be customized by using skins. Skins can help give weapons a fresh and unique look. They can be purchased directly from the in-game store. Those players who are not able to afford these skins can even try their luck in the Apex Packs. There are even times when these packs give out legendary skins.

Other than outfits and skins, there are some more cosmetic items that are loved by many players. Heirloom weapons are currently the most desirable item in Apex Legends. This is because they are extremely difficult to get and are rare. The thing which makes them difficult to get is that they cannot be purchased directly from the store and can only be found in Apex Packs. Players also have to open a lot of them before they get their hands on a set.

Apex Legends

Heirlooms are basically melee weapons that are designed specially for a specific character. It dives into the character’s backstory and allows him to take down his opponents in a unique way. Since the game was released, characters such as Wraith, Octane, and Bloodhound have received their respective Heirlooms. Wraith received the Kunai, Octane got the Butterfly knife, and Bloodhound got the Raven’s bite. However, as Respawn has been really slow with adding new Heirloom sets, players have always requested them to work on new ones.

New Heirloom

Now, it seems that Respawn has finally decided to listen to its fans as a new Heirloom has been discovered in the game’s files. While players might get excited upon hearing this, they will feel a little disappointed after knowing it’s for a character only a few players love.

Spoiler Alert!!! This is probably next heirloom, all animations and models added (watch the full video) from apexlegends

Recently, a user on Reddit who goes by the name KralRindo posted a short clip in which a new set of Knife can be seen. As the melee weapon had a military look, some fans start thinking that it might belong to Bangalore. However, the user then claimed that this new weapon is called “Data Knife” and is going to be for Crypto. The user claimed that he is 100% sure that it belongs to Crypto and that it is probably going to be the next Heirloom of the battle royale. Considering the name of the weapon is Data Knife, it does fit into the character’s role.

At the moment, Respawn is yet to confirm whether this is true or not. The developers have always warned fans to take such information with a grain of salt because every leaked item doesn’t make its way to the game. But if this is actually the case, then we might get to see this new Heirloom in the next season. Apex Legends season 5 is currently scheduled to begin in the first week of May, and it will bring a lot of exciting new content.