Apex Legends is the type of game in which you can play only in the first-person mode. Respawn has never talked about bringing other modes such as third-person to the game. However, if you’re someone who wanted to try playing Apex Legends in a third-person view, then we have something for you. Recently, a user on Reddit was able to enter the mentioned view all thanks to a glitch.

User Enters Third Person View

The user on Reddit posted a video in which it can be seen how he entered the third-person view during a casual match. His teammates were trying to respawn him and just when they were about to, they got eliminated. However, the user got respawned, but in a much different way.

Went into 3rd person view when I was about to get respawned and my squad died. Has this ever happened to anyone else before?! from apexlegends

The player’s teammate took his banner to a respawn beacon and just when the respawn animation finished, they got eliminated by another squad. However, instead of entering the death screen, the player’s character, Wraith, was respawned right next to the beacon. But instead of getting respawned normally, Wraith was in third-person view. As there is no possible way for players to switch between different views, this has most likely happened because of a glitch.

What Happened After It

The player was able to move freely from here to there. He had no problem with crouching, running, and even jumping. For those who don’t know, Wraith became a fan-favorite character after players noticed some similarities between the running style of her and ninjas from Naruto. Thanks to the third-person glitch, we finally got to see how she does the Naruto run. However, as soon as the player entered the third-person view, the User Interface disappeared. This made it difficult to move around and locate enemies.

Apex Legends

Not the First Time

The post on Reddit revealed that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. One user claimed that it happened to him during Season 1 and that it was fund for him to see some legends in 3rd person. This means that this glitch has been in the game since the launch of the first season. At the moment, Respawn is yet to confirm whether they are aware of this issue or not. If this glitch continues to affect the game, then we can expect it to get patched soon.

Apex players will be aware of the fact that this isn’t the first bug that has appeared in the game. In fact, the game has had a plethora of bugs and glitches since the start. Some players even left the game because of them. Although Respawn has always tried its best to fix all of them, they just can’t stop new ones from appearing on the surface. Some time ago, fans discovered a bug that was linked to Wraith’s tactical ability, Into the Void. Thanks to the bug, they were able to use the ability as many times as they wanted to without waiting for it to cool down.