Apex Legends players will be glad to know that a new event is heading towards the game. That’s right, the popular site which goes by the name ApexData is going to host its first ever community event before season 2 goes live. The organizers shared details about the event on their site where they confirmed that it will be held from June 28 till 30.

Apex Legends Gunslinger Event

The community event is titled as “Gunslinger” and it is going to focus solely on pistols. The best thing about it is that everyone is invited to take part in it, and it is not even limited to one specific platform. Not only this, but both PC and console players are going to compete in the same pool. This means that you will be going against players who are from other platforms.

During the event, the main goal of the players is going to score the most pistol kills. You will be able to use the Wingman, P2020, and RE-45. Those who are interested in taking part in this event have to make an ApexData account and sign up for Gunslinger from there. ApexData is going to use Apex Legends’ in-game stat trackers o you will have no unlock Pistol Kills tracker and equip it. At the end of the event, the top three players with the most pistol kills are going to win.

What Will You Get Out of It?

For those wondering what the winners will get, ApexData is going to give away monetary prizes and flashier badges to them. In addition to this, every participant is also going to receive a unique badge for his ApexData profile. One thing to keep in mind here is that there are only 300 spots in the event, meaning that you will have to sign up on time if you want to take part in it. Players can also sign-up with multiple accounts, but ApexData has confirmed that their scores will not be added together.

In any case, fans are surely glad to see another Apex Legends even so soon. Respawn recently added a limited time event in the game titled “Legendary Hunt.” It ended a few days ago and players absolutely enjoyed it. The event featured a number of challenges for players to complete and offered some amazing rewards with them. Not only this, but there were even some Legendary skins offered during the event.

Apex Legends fans have been thirsty for new content since the game was released. Season 2 is just around the corner and players are ready for it. Along with a new weapon, some skins, and a few cosmetic items, the upcoming season is also going to add a new legend to the game “Wattson.” In addition to this, players can also expect to see an improved version of the battle pass in season 2.