Apex Legends has never failed to surprise us when it comes to bugs. Since its release, we have seen a variety of different bugs, and some of them were even out of this world. From a bug that allows you to shoot even after you get knocked down to the one that lets us see through walls, we have seen everything. And now, another interesting bug has appeared in the game.

Lifeline’s Drone

Recently, some players discovered a new bug linked with the legend Lifeline. The bug is basically allowing players to heal themselves from Lifeline’s drone even when they are outside its radius. For those who don’t know, Lifeline has the ability to deploy a drone that can heal other players. All you have to do is stand close to it and wait for the magic to happen. The best thing about this drone is that it can be used by multiple players at once.

Lifeline Drone Bug, look where she goes and her health keeps raising, while i’m next to drone and don’t get healed. from r/apexlegends

When you stand close to the drone, it attaches a small cable to you through which you get healed. If you move away from the drone, the cable will break, and the healing process will stop. However, thanks to the bug, players are healing themselves even after moving away from the drone. On Reddit, a user posted a video in which it can be seen how the latter is getting healed even when he is at a distance from the drone.

New Healing Bug

Judging from the video, the bug is triggered when one player is using the drone and then a teammate instantly takes their place. They have to then quickly heal themselves manually for the process to begin. At the moment, we don’t know if there are any other ways to trigger the bug or not, but the one revealed in the video is pretty simple.

The bug can prove to be really useful throughout the game, especially in the later parts. Healing yourself while constantly moving is something that can put you at a great advantage. However, this is still something bad as it ruins the concept of fair play. There can be times when you can become a victim of a player who is using this bug. Hopefully, Respawn Entertainment will get aware of this bug soon. Once this happens, they will most likely fix it through the next update.

Bugs in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players know that this isn’t the first bug that has appeared in the game. Since the game debuted in February, we have seen a new bug every other week. At first, there weren’t many bugs present in the game and players weren’t bothered by them. However, with the passage of time, their number has increased. Although Respawn has tried its best to put an end to them, they just cannot prevent new ones from appearing on the surface. Hopefully, they will be able to come up with a permanent solution for them soon.