Players have been discovering new bugs in Apex Legends since the game was released back in February. We have seen some game breaking bugs, which have ruined the experience of many players. Although Respawn has tried to fix some of them, they just can’t stop new ones from appearing on the surface. And now, a new bug has appeared which sends players into an endless portal loop through Wraith’s portal.

New Wraith’s Portal Bug

Those who play the game know how useful Wraith’s portal is. The legend’s ultimate allows players to send themselves and their teammates from one location to another through a portal. While the portal can save you quickly from your enemies and can save you a lot of time, one player had a rather different experience with it. On Reddit, a user posted a video and claimed that he was stuck in Wraith’s portal for around 5 minutes and he couldn’t do anything about it.

Player Was Stuck in The Portal

What basically happened was that instead of just getting out of the portal from the other end, the user kept getting thrown back to the portal. He claimed that the portal didn’t work out for him like it normally does, and he had to quit the game because he was unable to get out of it even after 5 minutes.

The video indicates that there wasn’t anything around the portal because of which this issue took place. This means that the glitch was caused only by Wraith’s portal. The video also showcases that the player was losing his health because of the storm, but it wasn’t clear whether he was taking damage when he was in the portal or when he was out of it for a millisecond. In any case, the bug has surely left the user disappointed as his experience was ruined because of it.

A wraith sent me to purgatory. I was stuck like this for 5 min with no possible way to get out from r/apexlegends

Previously Discovered Apex Legends Bugs

This isn’t the first time we have discovered a bug like this. Earlier this month, players have discovered several bugs that are yet to be fixed by Respawn. One of them was Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection bug because of which players were unable to use his protective shield properly. Not only this, but one user claimed that his enemies were able to shoot through the shield, something which isn’t supposed to happen.

Players even managed to discover a bug which allowed them to jump while in a downed state. All they had to do was press the sprint and jump button together for the magic to happen. One player was even able to jump on the back of a pickup truck when he was knocked out, after which his teammate was able to revive him with ease. While some players claimed that this was a useful bug, many stated that it ruined the concept of fair play.

In any case, Respawn has promised to fix the game instead of adding new content so we can expect these bugs to get fixed soon. The developers are also planning to release a new patch next week to address various issues present in the game.