Apex Legends is currently one of the best battle royale games out there. The game is played by millions of players every month and they absolutely love it. The game’s unique style is something that attracted 50 million players during its release month. However, despite the fact that game is filled with exciting stuff, there are still some things that are missing from it. And one of them is the replay feature.

In Apex, you can get killed instantly. There are times when players want to know how they were killed, and the lack of replay feature prevents this. However, it seems like players will finally get to see a replay feature soon. Data miner who goes by the name That1MiningGuy decided to do some digging in the game’s files and discovered that a kill replay feature is on the way.

Files Indicate A New Replay Feature

During the digging, the data miner found files named “KillReplayStarted( KillReplayHud_Activate)” and “KillReplayEnded( KillReplayHud_Deactivate).” These two files confirm that a replay feature is possibly on the way. For those who don’t know, the replay feature will allow players to watch how they were killed immediately after they are eliminated. Call of Duty players will be familiar with this feature since every COD game has been released with this feature.


There was another filed titled “RoundWinningKillReplay” which suggests that players will also get to replay their game-ending kill. This will be beneficial to both the player who killed and was killed. The champion squad will be able to watch their glorious round-ending kill, while the eliminated players will get to know the mistake he made.

When Will It Arrive?

At the moment, we currently don’t know exactly when this new feature will arrive, but we can expect it to get introduced when with season 3. Respawn has confirmed that the next season is going to be bigger and better than the current one, and the replay feature is something every Apex Legends player has wanted since the start.

How Will It Be Useful?

Colton “Viss” Visser from TSM also claimed that a replay system will be a great learning tool for players. He also added that players can also use it for editing purposes. Another amazing thing about the replay feature will be that players will be able to report cheaters through it. They can upload a video proof of a cheater on Respawn’s support page and this will make things much easier. We all know the issue of cheaters and hackers in Apex Legends. Respawn once banned around 770,000 accounts that were found cheating. The replay feature will surely help them overcome this issue much quicker.

On the other hand, Apex Legends players can now enjoy the Voidwalker event. Along with some new cosmetic items, the Wraith-themed event has introduced a limited-time mode called “Armed and Dangerous.” In this mode, players can only use Shotguns and Snipers, while the amount of general loot found across the map has been reduced.