Apex Legends season 2 is all set to go live after one week. The next season is expected to take the game to a whole new level as it is going to feature a lot of exciting new content. While fans wait for it to arrive, the developers are providing some hints and teasers to the Apex Legends community regarding what might go down in the upcoming season. And now, some unusual has happened in the current map.

Repulsor Tower Is Now Spinning

Recently, players have discovered that the Repulsor Tower located in Kings Canyon is now up and running. The official Twitter account of Apex Legends also posted a tweeted which confirmed that the tower has now been repaired and amplified. As soon as the Tweet was posted, players started noticing that the tower is now slowly spinning and is even making a low sound.

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The Purpose of Repulsor Tower

For those who don’t know, Repulsors in the Titanfall series played the role of keeping creatures out of the land. Even in the Kings Canyon, the Repulsor Tower acts as a defensive mechanism to keep creatures such as the Leviathans and Flyers away. As the tower was not working before, two neighboring Leviathans started to approach the island. However, now that the tower is up and running again, the two creatures are moving away and even the Flyers have disappeared.

What Will Happen Next?

Now, many fans are wondering what will happen next. During the EA Play event, which was held at the start of this month, the developers revealed something really interesting about the upcoming season. Fans got to saw a video teaser which showcases a giant monster that was surrounded by flyers. While we don’t know what that giant monster was, many believe that it is a huge Leviathan.

In addition to this, there are also various reports and theories claiming that a new character, named Crypto, will be added to the game when season 2 arrives. It is currently believed that Crypto is going to be the one who will destroy the Repulsor Tower, something which will allow the creatures to enter the island. The executive director of Respawn Entertainment, Drew McCoy, has also confirmed that players can expect to see “big things” during the next month.

Apex Legends season 2 is currently scheduled to release on July 2, 2019. The next season is confirmed to feature some new skins, weapons, and other cosmetic items. In addition to this, players will also get to play with a new character Wattson once the next season goes live. However, there are various reports claiming that the next season is also going to add Crypto into the game. If that happens, then we will be treated with two new Legends at the start of July. Whatever the case is, starting next month, fans are going to enjoy the game even more.