For the first time since the game was released, Apex Legends players are enjoying the first limited time event in the game. The event, titled “Legendary Hunt” went live a day ago and players are absolutely loving it. It has allowed players to compete in various challenges through which they are able to unlock amazing rewards. Not only this but included in the rewards are some skins that are nearly impossible to get in the normal days.

The Legendary Hunt event has added around six challenges in the game. Although they may be a few, you will still have a hard time in completing some of them. In any case, these challenges are also offering some amazing rewards, including an epic skin for Bloodhound. So, without any further due, here are all the challenges of the new event.

Apex Legends Legendary Hunt Challenges and Rewards

Normal Challenges

  • Challenge: Finish in the top 5 in any game.
    Reward: Legendary Hunt Banner Badge (Epic)
  • Challenge: Win 2 games.
    Reward: Tamed Beast Triple Take Skin (Legendary)
  • Challenge: Finish in the top 5 in Apex Elite match.
    Reward: The Wolfpack G7 Scout Skin (Rare)
  • Challenge: Finish in the top 5 in five matches.
    Reward: Master of the Hunt Bloodhound Skin (Epic)

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Challenge: Unlock Battle Pass Premium Level 1
    Reward: Honored Prey R-301 Skin (Legendary)
  • Challenge: Reach Premium Battle Pass Level 15
    Reward: Night Terror Wraith Skin (Legendary)

For those who are wondering how they can access the Apex Elite queue, well it’s quite simple. All you have to do is finish top 5 in any game and you’ll be then placed in Apex Elite queue for your next game. However, in order to stay in the said queue, you will have to remain in the top 5 in every match. Otherwise, you will be dropped back to the normal queue.

Future Events

If Respawn receives positive feedback about this event, then we can surely expect to see new events like these soon. The Legendary Event is just the start as Respawn is committed to improving the game. Such events can also keep players attached the game, and even those who left it might consider jumping back in. Whatever the case is, make sure to get the full out of the event before it ends.

During the previous month, Respawn claimed that they are going to focus more on fixing the game instead of adding the new content. While some players were saddened to know that they won’t get to see new content any time soon, many were happy with the developer’s decision of improving the game. They have also fixed a few major issues present in the game and are working on fixing the remaining ones. The game did have a few rough months, but it seems like the developers are going to do everything they can to improve it.