Apex Legends data miners have managed to leak the abilities of yet another upcoming legend. Since the past few weeks, data miners have been busy searching the game’s files for some new information. So far, they have managed to leak a total of 14 legends. Not only this, but they have been succeeded in discovering the abilities of most of them. And now, another legend’s abilities have been leaked.

Jericho’s Abilities

The latest legend whose abilities got leaked is Jericho. For those who don’t know, Jericho is the very character who was found in the game’s files when the game was released in February. Since then, not much has been known about the legend apart from his name. But now, a data miner who goes by the name The Gaming Merchant on YouTube has decided to lift the curtains from the character’s abilities.

Tactical Ability – Ballistic Shield

Jericho’s tactical ability is going to be Ballistic Shield. The shield will be similar to a riot shield and will protect the legend from incoming attacks. Judging from the fact that it is going to be like a riot shield, it may not protect the character from behind. However, this is something yet to be confirmed.

Passive Ability – On Your Six

As for the passive ability, it will be On Your Six. This ability will use the character’s Ballistic Shield to protect him even when he is not using it. This might work as something that will prevent a few bullets from damaging him. In any case, this will be useful during times when you have to quickly move from one place to another during a heated battle.

Ultimate Ability – Shield Breaker Javelins

Jericho’s ultimate ability is Shield Breaker Javelins. As its name suggests, the legend will be able to break the shields of his enemies by firing two electrically charged javelins at them. This ability will be useful when your enemies will have high shields. If you learn to use it the right way, then the Shield Breaker Javelins will be able to help you get out of tough situations.

Reckoner’s Abilities

Before Jericho’s, Reckoner’s abilities were leaked by a data miner. This legend’s abilities also involve shield. His passive ability is Shield Blast in which his shield will cause an explosion upon breaking. His tactical ability is Shield Stealer through which will be able to fire an energy beam that will drain his opponent’s shield and charge his own. As for his ultimate ability, the latter will be able to throw a slow-moving gravity orb that will save him and his teammates from upcoming attacks.

At the moment, we currently don’t know exactly when these legends will get added to the game. You shouldn’t expect all of them to arrive soon since Respawn is slow when it comes to adding legends. Season 1 introduced Octane, season 2 added Wattson, and season 3 is currently expected to feature Crypto. Who knows, maybe Respawn might decide to add a new legend before season 3 arrives.