August is surely a great month for Apex Legends players. Respawn Entertainment just introduced The Iron Crown event to the game, and now they are planning to soon launch a new event. That’s right, the developers have confirmed that a double XP event is coming to Apex Legends, on August 16 to be exact.

Apex Legends Double XP Event Start and End Date

According to the official announcement, the double XP event will start on August 16 at 12 PM Ct and will come to an end on August 19 at 12 PM CT. Players who manage to make it to the top 5 will get double XP during the time period. And the best part about this is that it will be both for account level and battle pass profession. So, whether you want to rank up in the battle pass, or simply increase your account level, this event is all that you will need.

Since the event is going to only reward those who will make it to the top 5, you will need to play really well during the event. Although you can go ahead and play the solo mode, it will be wise to play only the trio mode during the double XP event as you can survive longer in it. If you play the solo mode, then you will most likely get eliminated before you reach the top 5.

Will it Get Extended?

Respawn is yet to confirm whether they will extend the double XP event or not. However, the chances for this to happen are really low. Respawn did previously host a few double XP events during the previous season, and they host one every month. We will suggest you take some time out during the weekend as this is an event you won’t want to miss. There are many times when we get the chance to earn some double XP.

The Iron Crown Event

On the other hand, The Iron Crown event is also live in Apex Legends. A few days ago, Respawn claimed that they are soon going to introduce something which fans have demanded since the start. When the Iron Crown event went live, it added Solo mode to the game, and this was when we finally knew what Respawn was talking about. The Solo mode, however, is not going to be permanent and will be removed from the game once The Iron Crown event is over. This means that you have only until August 27 to enjoy the solo mode as much as you want to.

In addition to this, the event has also introduced some new skins to the game. There are a total of nine new skins, and seven of them are legendary. All of the new skins feature a really epic look, and they will be vaulted after the event comes to an end. This means that if you want one, you better unlock it quickly.