Since fans have been eagerly waiting to hear something official regarding Apex Legends, EA has decided to give them a little update. Recently, on Twitter, the official account of EA revealed what fans can expect to see during E3 2019. Not only this, but they have also confirmed that we will indeed see season two content during the upcoming event.

For those who don’t know, news about Apex Legends season 2 came to the surface during EA’s recent earnings call. During that time, it was confirmed that EA is going to reveal season 2 during the event, but nothing else was revealed. And now, EA has officially revealed the list of things we will get to see at EA Play.

Apex Legends Season 2

Firstly, EA is going to reveal some important details about Apex Legends season 2. We can expect to see what content will be featured with it and whether they have decided to improve the battle pass or not. The previous season received a lot of hatred from players as it didn’t turn out to be how they expected. In addition to this, it’s battle pass was also heavily criticized for having really less and poor content.

Next Character Might Also Arrive

At the moment, many fans are hoping that Respawn is going to listen to their feedback and improve the battle pass of season 2. If they actually do, then we can expect to see some amazing battle pass rewards along with an easier way to unlock them. In addition to this, it is not currently confirmed whether the next season is going to feature a new character or not. The previous season added Octane to the game, and the next season might introduce Wattson.

What Else to Expect

On the other hand, EA also confirmed that we will get to see exclusive Apex Legends merchandise. This will most likely include shirts, hoodies, keychains, and some other stuff. In addition to this, the event is also going to be the debut platform for WetaWorkshop, while a meet and greet with the Dev Team will also take place.

In any case, the EA Play event is going to be an exciting event for sure. Since the game was released, fans of Apex Legends have been eagerly waiting for new content. The developers have confirmed that they are not going to add any new content to the game soon, meaning that the upcoming season is the only thing they can reply for new weapons and skins. In addition to this, if Respawn decides to not listen to their fans and introduce a battle pass like the previous one, they are going to lose a lot of players for sure.

Many players are also planning to boycott the in-game store of Apex Legends. According to them, the store is not offering a lot of content, and the available items have really high costs. This is the reason why many players are relying on the Apex Packs they get after ranking up to get their hands on some new content.