August was surely a great month for Apex Legends data miners. The Iron Crown patch turned out to be a gold mine for them as they were able to discover around 14 new legends through it. Along with their names, they managed to find their abilities. One of these characters was Nomad, whose Ultimate Ability recently got leaked.

Although the Iron Crown patch was filled with hidden information, the Voidwalker patch is no different. Recently, a popular data miner who goes by the name “The Gaming Merchant” did some work and found out how Nomad’s Ultimate Ability is going to work.

Nomad’s Abilities

Previously, we got to know that Nomad is going to be a character whose abilities will focus on looting new items to create new ones. His Tactical Ability is called Loot Compass and it will help him and his teammates with finding nearby loot. Not only this, but the legend’s passive ability will provide his teammates with extra backpack space. And finally, his Ultimate Ability is called “Crafting Table” and through it, Nomad will be able to get his hands on new items.

How His Ultimate Will Work

The Gaming Merchant was able to discover that there are going to be scrapable items. There is going to be a scrap value for every item. For instance, the Peacekeeper and Wingman will have a scrap value of 20, while ammunition will have a scrap value of 5. There were some other items in the game’s files that players will be able to purchase using scrapped materials. And for those wondering from where they can get these scrapped materials, Nomad’s Crafting Table ability will do this job.

Scrapable Items

The items that can be purchased are somewhat like the Legendary items. These items are currently believed to provide extra bonuses. For instance, there is an item that will provide “Fast Charge” through which it will reduce the recharge time of the Tactical and Ultimate Ability. The data miner believes that such items will be purchased in game. According to him, if you scrap 25 weapons, then you will be able to get a level four armor. And if you scrap 50 weapons, you can get reduced cooldowns on your Tactical and Ultimate. Level four armor will provide health on execution, while the second item hints at a level four helmet.

Although scrapping 25 or 50 weapons might seem like a difficult task, but it actually isn’t. During the game, we come across many weapons, such as Mozambiques and other pistols that we don’t need. And after all, we will be getting level four items through the process. Another thing to keep in mind here is that Respawn is yet to confirm whether this is true or not. Nomad is currently believed to be in early development stages, so the developers can change his abilities before he gets added to the game.