Work as a team and you will win

You’re not alone. It does not matter that your friends have not connected to play or that you do not have a microphone. In fact, it doesn’t even matter if your colleagues are tired and you decide to silence them from the menu. Team play is always going to be present and you must take advantage of it to survive. In other words, the ability to mark , to Ping, is essential.

You can mark areas to go, enemies sighted, weapons or accessories that you have found and want to share with your teammates … In fact you can even tell your team what you need by opening the inventory and doing Ping on what you think is right. The Communication is everything , and Respawn has created a useful tool for coping with this need without having to go through the hustle  to make conversation with strangers tool.

The correct inventory management

It is very likely that when you reach the ground in Apex Legends you have the urgent need to collect all the dirt you find on the ground. In fact, you’ll even be tempted to pick up the higher-level lilac or gold equipment that shines on the floor, but do you really need it?

Check first if it suits you, if the weapons you like to play with are compatible or if you have plenty of space. If this is not the case, tell your colleagues to pick it up. Otherwise you can spend the whole game occupying a gap and / or preventing a partner get the death you need to win.

Look closely at the colors you have at your fingertips and seek to improve your shield and helmet whenever you can, as they also offer substantial improvements such as protecting yourself or even healing you when you fall in combat. It matters little without weapons, accessories, power-ups or boxes of players fallen in combat, color is always the most important and the indicator of whether you should move there or not is worth it.

Dominating the combat

Finally, it’s time to fight and, although most would tell you to avoid direct combat in the first games, it does not seem right. The advice makes sense because that means surviving more and, from what we know so far, the best way to gain experience in Apex Legends is to stay in the game as long as possible.

However, fleeing from fights means that when the time comes to fight, you do not know what to do, and in the long run it can be counterproductive and frustrating to fall in battle always after spending several minutes arming yourself to the teeth. Look for the confrontation whenever it is a medium or short distance and, if you are away, choose not to enter combat. The agility of the characters makes it very difficult to be really effective from a long distance.

Try to use it to your advantage and, above all, stop spending your skills without rhyme or reason, otherwise it is more than likely that you miss them when you need them most.