Apex Legends is the fashionable Battle Royale and, as the hours of play begin to add, little by little you understand what Respawn Entertainment’s objective was when creating the game. Knowing it basically means knowing how to play properly, but if you want to skip that learning process, this guide for beginners can save you a lot of problems.

Then we tell you how to focus the games from minute one to take advantage of all the depth offered by Apex Legends and get away with most of the matches that await you on your map. A series of tips, tricks and secrets that you may have overlooked but can make the difference between living or dying.

Where to fall at the start of the game

After starting the game the three members of the team will begin to fall on the map. Depending on whether or not you are the leader, you can choose where to land, but there are several options to consider during this first phase. The first is to mark a drop zone to let your colleagues know, ideal to agree on what you are going to do during those first minutes.

If you are the leader but do not see clearly what to do, you can pass the fall control to another user. The most important thing is that the three of you arrive together in the same area, no matter where, and it is that walking alone on the map of Apex Legends is usually synonymous with immediate death. However, that does not mean that all three must fall at the exact same point. Here the ideal is that you separate a bit within the same area to avoid having to compete for weapons and ammunition. Caed nearby, but not stuck like limpets.

If you are looking for recommendations on where to fall to get the best weapons, the area marked on the map with the arrival of the supply ship will always be the best option, since it has high-level booty that can be of great help during the game, but it is not recommended for beginners because it is always full of players. Opt for better areas with high level weaponry that appear on the map, hot areas marked with blue that, in addition, will give you more experience for each low achieved.

How to move with agility through the map

Apex Legends is a game noticeably faster than the rest of Battle Royale on the market, but that it is in the movement of its players does not necessarily mean that it must also be in the rhythm. In fact, Respawn itself has already commented that the intention of the team to offer a game between squads of three and that there are fewer users per map, is precisely to mark that speed.

The game is created so you can expand at the start of the game looking for the best weapons and equipment before jumping into combat, hence everything is riddled with more weapons and options that your inventory can never manage. Scroll and look for the best you can to scratch one area before jumping to the next, because staying crouched waiting for something to happen will almost never be a good option.