Apex Legends season 2 might have built some hype around the fans, but it seems like it wasn’t enough for the investors. Before the new season went live, many fans thought that this will result in something big for both Respawn Entertainment and EA. However, it seems like this was not the case at all. Recently, it was reported that EA’s stock price fell by five percent, and some people currently believe that this is because of Apex Legends season 2.

Is Season 2 The Reason Behind the Drop?

At the moment, we currently don’t know the exact reason behind the recent drop in EA’s stock price. Some believe that Apex Legends season 2 failed to build as much hype as it was supposed to, and this is something which led to the investors not improving their confidence in EA. Although these are just mere assumptions, season 2 still did fail to keep up the hype it built prior to its launch.

Did Wattson Manage to Become the New Favorite Legend?

Before Apex Legends season 2 came out, fans were really excited for it. Most of them were eagerly waiting to jump into battles with a new character, Wattson. However, their experience with the new character wasn’t as amazing as to how they expected it to be. Even some top streamers have claimed that the newly released Legend is pretty useless. According to them, her abilities can only be useful in some specific areas.

Wattson’s Ultimate Ability basically allows players to set electronic traps, which can slow down any enemy that walks through them. However, in order to make the best use of them, players must place them in specific areas. In other words, placing them in the middle of a building won’t do you any good. Even Shroud once claimed that he didn’t like playing with Wattson during the test phase of Apex Legends. He further added that she is a situational character not meant for fast pace players.

New Battle Pass is Difficult to Level Up

Respawn also promised that they were going to introduce an improved version of the Battle Pass in Apex Legends season 2. While some players are happy with the new one, there are few who think that it is more difficult to level up in it as compared to the previous battle pass. In addition to this, season 2 only managed to get a total of 50,000 viewers to streamers on Twitch on its launch day. On the other hand, there were 100,000 viewers when season 1 was released back in March.

In any case, Respawn has still improved their game a lot as compared to how it was before. Season 2 might be the reason behind why EA’s shares have fallen by 5 percent, fans are still enjoying it to the fullest. In addition to this, other big companies such as Take-Two and Activision also saw a decrease in their stock’s price. All we can do is wait and see whether EA will manage to increase their stock price in the coming weeks or not.