Apex Legends’ data miners have been digging the game’s files since it was released back in February. These data miners have been successfully able to find leaked information from time to time. For those who don’t know, both Wattson and Octane were leaked by them before they were even officially announced. And now, it seems like a new weapon has been discovered.

New Weapon Discovered

Recently, one of the biggest data miners out there found something interesting in the game’s audio file. The latter discovered an audio file “weapon_jackhammer_fire_3p,” which reveal that a weapon name Jackhammer is in the works. Not only this, but it is currently believed that this very weapon is actually from the Titanfall series.

Is This Leadwall From Titanfall?

Most of you will be already aware of the fact that Apex Legends is created by the very same team behind the popular Titanfall series. This is the very reason why we often see similar things in it. The data miner has even claimed that the weapon’s sound suggests that it is a shotgun. And not just any shotgun, but the Leadwall from the Titanfall series.

It is believed that the developers have decided to rename Leadwall to Jackhammer for Apex Legends. If this really is the case, then players will get to enjoy another powerful shotgun very soon. At the moment, there are two shotguns available in the game, that is EVA 8 and PeaceKeeper. Shotgun lovers will surely love to see another addition to the category.

Not the First Time

If this happens, then this won’t be the first time Respawn takes ideas from Titanfall. Most of us know that both Triple Take and R-99 are from Titanfall, where they are called the D-2 Double Take and the R-97 respectively. Although they may seem different at first, they offer similar results in both games.

As for Leadwall, this shotgun has a clip size of 12 shells and fires three projectiles at one time. This is similar to Triple Take, meaning that it will be indeed powerful. Leadwall’s bullets can also bounce off walls, and this is something which makes it different from other shotguns. However, just like any other shotgun, you won’t be able to deal a lot of damage at long range.

In any case, all we can do is wait and see if this is actually the case or not. Respawn’s community manager once claimed that such leaks are not always true, so we should only consider them as speculations. The data miner who discovered this shotgun claimed that the developers will save a lot of time if they do decide to bring Leadwall from Titanfall 2.

On the other hand, another data miner recently discovered that a new character is currently in the works. According to the leaked information, the new legend is called “Buddy.” However, we will have to wait for an official confirmation for this too.