Since the Iron Crown patch was released, Apex Legends data miners have been digging through its files. The patch was filled with exciting new content that is yet to be added in the game. In the past few weeks, these data miners were able to discover 14 new Legends through the game’s files. And now, thanks to them, we know what the PvE mode is going to feature.

For those who don’t know, the Player versus Environment (PvE) mode was leaked through the game’s files some time ago. Many currently believe that the mode will arrive in Season 3. And now, data miner and popular YouTuber That1MiningGuy has revealed some exciting new information about this upcoming mode. He made a video in which he explains the objectives, AI enemies, and a raid that will be featured in this mode.

Objectives of PvE Mode

At first, the data miner provided some information regarding the objectives. These objectives will include killing free-range monsters such as Flyers, Leviathans, and other important tasks. Other objectives will include eliminating all hostiles, opening all cages, defending the Repulsor Tower, surviving the onslaught, and much more.

Enemies That you Will Face

Players will face a variety of different enemies during the PvE mode. These include monsters, androids, and even Titans. You will encounter these enemies at various stages. For instance, there will be a mission where you will have to enter a Prowler Den to kill their Alpha. You will then use the Alpha’s pheromones to take down another target.

There will be various other missions in which you will have to defend Titans. Titanfall players will be familiar with these Titans since they first appeared in the said game. However, Respawn once claimed that Titans will not make an appearance in Apex Legends, but the data miner who leaked the information claims that their appearance in the PvE will make a lot of sense. He further added that there are going to be AI-controlled Titans and player will either defend these Titans or fight against them.

The Goliath Hunt

The data miner also managed to reveal something big that will be featured in the PvE mode. There will be a specific mission in which you will have to kill the Goliath. For those who don’t know, The Goliath is the very create that was seen in Bloodhound’s lore picture. According to the data miner, only energy weapons will be able during this mission and you will be able to acquire them only through care packages. These care packages will be heavily guarded with poachers, so you will have to be extra careful. And once you’re done with eliminating The Goliath, you will have to evacuate the area.

These were some important details regarding the PvE mode of Apex Legends that will hopefully arrive with Season 3. There will be various other missions that will either ask you to capture a VIP scientist or destroy harvesters.