Apex Legends data miners are the reasons why we have so much information about the game today. They are the ones who have managed to dig through the game’s files and have discovered hidden content. Some of the content leaked by them has made its way to the game already, while the rest of it is in development and will arrive in the future. Still, they have always done a remarkable job with leaking stuff ahead of its release.

Apex Legends

These data miners have also leaked several legends of the game. They once managed to leak around 13 legends and even the abilities of some of them. A few of them have been added to the game, while others are currently being worked on. Data miners have also found information such as upcoming game modes, new weapons, skins, etc. However, they have been recently busy finding information related to Prowlers.

Prowlers In Apex Legends

For those who don’t know, these Prowlers were leaked by data miners a few months ago. Since then, fans have not known much about them, only that Respawn is planning to bring them in the game. But now, a data miner has managed to leak some new information about them which has left everyone excited. While he has still not managed to find out exactly when these creatures are going to arrive in the game, he has discovered something else.

Since Apex was released, players have enjoyed different creatures in the game. At first, they witnessed the Leviathans who were far away from Kings Canyon. However, after the Repulsor tower broke down, these Leviathans entered the land and destroyed everything. Not only this, but the destruction of the tower also allowed another type of creature to enter the land. Flyers started roaming around in Apex and they were carrying loot boxes. Players could shoot them, and they would drop these loot boxes.

Now, a popular Apex Legends data miner iLootGames discovered some additional information regarding Prowlers. For those who don’t know, Prowlers are actually creatures from the Titanfall universe. The data miner recently discovered that these creatures would come in different variants. While they will have the same character model, their skins will be different. iLootGames also managed to get his hands on some new animations, and he showed a few of them. There was one animation which revealed that Prowlers will be able to scan for enemies, hunt them down, and even climb into windows.

The data miner also revealed that Prowlers are not going to be as big as the Flyers. In fact, they will be of the same size as Pathfinder. This pretty much confirms that they aren’t going to be that much frightening. What most players are eagerly waiting to know is that exactly when these new creatures will arrive in the game. Season 5 is a month away, and it might finally introduce them to the battle royale. However, we still have to wait for the official confirmation from Respawn before we get excited.