Respawn Entertainment has added a variety of different weapons in their battle royale game, Apex Legends. The game is currently filled with several weapons, and different weapons require a specific types of ammo. For instance, the Havoc rifle shoots energy rounds, while the R-301 rifle requires the light rounds. And now, it seems like a new ammo type is soon going to make its way to the game.

Respawn Entertainment has a habit of introducing a lot of new content to their game through different in-game events. Recently, fans got to enjoy the System Override Collection Event, which even featured a new limited-time mode. The event also brought some exciting new content to the game, including Octane’s Heirloom. This Heirloom is something many fans have been requesting for. Other than this, around 24 new cosmetic items were made available during the event for a limited period of time. But this still wasn’t enough as fans wanted more.

Recently, data miner KralRindo decided to do some digging through the game’s files and discovered something interesting that will make its way to the game in the future. This data miner is trusted by many players as he is responsible for leaking stuff that is now available in the game. A few days back, he leaked several voice lines which suggested that some new weapons are in development. And now, he has managed to leak a new ammo type that will arrive soon in Apex Legends.

New Ammo Type 

KralRindo leaked a file which revealed that Explosive ammo will make its way to Apex Legends in the future. This means that the new ammo type is soon going to join the list of five already existing types of ammunition present in Apex Legends. The most recent addition was the “Sniper” ammo type, which was added alongside the Sentinel sniper rifle. However, after their addition, the Longbow DMR also requires this ammo type instead of heavy ammo.

New ammo type coming soon from apexlegends

At the moment, fans are wondering which weapons are going to use this new type of ammunition. Considering there are now weapons available in the game that are capable of firing explosive rounds, this new ammo type might be for a new weapon that is in the works. The data miner previously leaked some upcoming weapons, and the explosive ammo might be used for the Grenade Launcher.

At the moment, Respawn is yet to confirm whether this is actually going to happen or not. The developers have also previously tricked data miners by adding false information in the game’s files, and it can happen again too. This is why we can’t be sure about this until Respawn officially confirms this. However, Respawn is indeed working on some new weapons and they will most likely add them in the upcoming season. As for the new ammo type, it can arrive too considering it can be found in other multiplayer games as well. In any case, all we can do is wait until the next season goes live to see whether this is true or not.