Apex Legends players have only enjoyed four new legends since the game was first released in February 2019. The developers basically have a habit of adding only one new legend with every season. And as there have been a total of 4 seasons so far, players haven’t gotten the chance to enjoy a lot of new legends. Still, they always eagerly wait for a new season to begin so that they can start playing with a brand new character. Octane arrive in season 1, Wattson was added in season 2, Crypto was featured in season 3, and Revenant was the latest legend to arrive with season 4.

Since season 4 went live, fans have been wondering who is going to be the next legend for the game. So far, the data miners have managed to leak several legends. Some of these are either in development, and others are just concepts who might never make their way to the game. At the moment, the chances for Loba to become the next legend are high. This is because she has already made an appearance in one of the game’s trailers.

For those who don’t know, Loba is the little girl who was featured in Revenant’s reveal trailer. She was being handed over a small Wolf figure by her father. However, later in the trailer, both her parents were killed by the evil robot created by Hammond Robotics. At the end of the trailer, Loba was seen sitting beside her father’s dead boy with a cold look on her face. It is currently believed that considering the events in the trailer took place years ago, Loba is now fully grown up. She is now going to enter the Apex Games to take revenge for her parents.

Loba’s Finishers Revealed

And now, data miners have managed to get their hands on some exciting new information which further confirms that Loba will be indeed the next legend of Apex Legends. Recently, a popular Apex Legends data miner Shrugtal decided to do some digging in the game’s files and found out some animations for Loba’s finishers.

Although Loba cannot be seen in the animations, the data miner has confirmed that these moves belong to her. The first finisher is called “Point Black” and it is absolutely ruthless. It basically puts the opponent in a helpless crouched position, and as soon as they look at Loba, she points a gun at them and puts a bullet in their head.

The second finisher is called “Stomp.” This finisher is even more brutal than the first one, and no one would believe that the cute little Loba would do something like this. The finisher involves her victim dragging themselves away from Loba, only to get their neck stomped and twister by the young wolf.

One thing to keep in mind here is that these moves are in development, and Respawn can make changes to them any time soon. Considering the next season is only a month away, Respawn will start adding teasers about the next legend soon.