Apex Legends season 2 introduced Wattson to the game, and fans absolutely loved her. She was the very character that was leaked by data miners alongside Octane. However, Octane arrived with season 1 while Wattson added through season 2. However, it seems like we will soon get to see another character soon as new information about him has been leaked.

Most of you already know about Crypto. But if you don’t, then he is the very character who was discovered in the game’s files before season 2 was launched. He is also believed to be the person who destroyed the Repulsor Tower by using his hacking abilities and allowed the Leviathans and Flyers to enter the land. A few days ago, a popular data miner That1MiningGuy leaked some information about Crypto. He was able to discover that Crypto will be able to use some sort of a terminal in the game. But now, the data miner has found his actual abilities.

That1MiningGuy was able to find some new information thanks to the Iron Crown Patch. According to him, he was able to find a lot of new data that was mistakenly added to the patch. The latter even claimed that some of his reliable sources claimed that all the information was left behind by accident. So, without any further due, here are the abilities of Crypto.

Tactical Ability: Areal Drone

As for the tactical ability, Crypto is going to have his own drone. He will be able to deploy it and it will remain in the air for around 40 seconds. However, it can be also destroyed of enemies shoot it. The best thing about this drone is that it will be able to go 200 meters away from Crypto, something which will allow you to cover a good distance with it.

The drone will also be able to hack doors and loot bins. And did we mention you’ll be able to pick up the banners of your teammates from their death boxes through this drone?

Passive: Neuro Link

Crypto’s passive will show him and his teammates the location of his enemies. His drone will be able to scan up to 30-meter and will let you know if there are any enemies nearby. It will either show them on the mini-map or through the walls.

Ultimate: Weapon Drone EMP

As for the ultimate, Crypto’s drone will charge up an EMP blast that will not only deal some shield damage but will also disable traps and slow down enemies. This is something which is going to be really useful, especially in heated battles. I mean, who wouldn’t love taking their enemies out when they are unable to move?

Judging from these leaked abilities, Crypto might become the next fan-favorite character. At the moment, all we can do is wait and see when Respawn Entertainment will add him to the game.