Respawn Entertainment has only added only two new Legends to Apex Legends since its release. Season 1 added Octane to the game, while season 2 introduced Wattson. Because of this very reason, many fans have been wondering which new Legend is going to get introduced with season 3, and it seems like we finally have an answer.

For those who don’t know, Wattson was leaked before season 2 went live. However, there was another character that got leaked alongside her, that was Crypto. Some fans thought that both characters will get added to the game with season 2, but that didn’t happen. Only Wattson was added to the game’s list of legends, while Crypto remained in the files. But now, Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that Crypto will indeed arrive with season 3 as the legend has made an appearance in Kings Canyon.

Crypto Can Now Be Found in Kings Canyon

Recently, some players discovered that Crypto can be found in Kings Canyon. He can be seen at Singh Labs, in a room that is separated by a glass window. However, we can see Crypto trying to hack into a computer. But as soon as you see him, he runs off with his drone behind him. The is the first time the legend has made an appearance in the game. Prior to this, we have only seen him through some leaked images and files.

CRYPTO has appeared!!! He ran away! from r/apexlegends

We first got to know about Crypto in March, when some data miners managed to leak an image of the legend select screen. Through it, we got to see 18 new legends, and both Wattson and Octane were present in it. However, the version of Crypto that was revealed at a GameStop conference last month was different from the one that got leaked in March. This means that the developers have made various changes to the latter’s appearance in the past few months.

Crypto’s Abilities

A few weeks ago, we got the luxury to know about the abilities of Crypto thanks to some data miners. It was revealed that Crypto’s abilities are going to be centered around his drone. Through it, he will be able to open doors, scout for enemies, and save his teammates from danger. In addition to this, his drone is also capable of charging an EMP blast. The EMP blast will deal shield damage, disable nearby traps, and even slow enemies down.

Now that Crypto has officially appeared in the game, it is safe to say that he will indeed become the next playable character. At the moment, Respawn is yet to announce when they will properly add him, but we can expect Crypto to arrive with season 3. EA’s CEO claimed that they are working on making season 3 better and bigger than season 2, so we can expect to see some big things in it. Fans can also expect to see a Halloween-themed event in October.