Recently, Apex Legends received a new update which was meant to fix various issues present in some sections of the game. Many fans were relieved after getting the update as they thought that their gameplay experience is going to become better after it. However, although the update managed to fix some issues, one major issue remains the same.

The Apex Legends update 1.1.1 was meant to bring a fix for the hitbox issue of Caustic and Gibraltar. Many fans were waiting for a fix for this issue since the past few weeks, and they were happy after seeing that the recent update finally brought a fix for it. However, their happiness was cut short when they discovered that the issue is still present even after the update.

Caustic and Gibraltar Hitbox Issue

For those who don’t know, Caustic and Gibraltar are big in size as compared to the other legends present in the game, which makes them easy to target as their hit boxes are big. This issue made players choose other legends instead of these two as they would always put them at a disadvantage during a match. Even some players stopped using them at all after they were dying instantly because of their large hitboxes.

The 10% damage reduction is currently bugged and basically does nothing. from r/apexlegends

After some players complained about this issue, Respawn Entertainment tried to modify the hitboxes of Caustic and Gibraltar to make them playable. They released the update 1.1.1 through which they decided to reduce the damage taken by these two legends by 10%, something which was done through a new perk titled Fortified.

Hitbox Issue Still Present After the Update

Soon after the update was released, many players started noticing that Fortified was not working properly and that Caustic and Gibraltar were still receiving the same amount of damage as before. A reddit user claimed that when the shields are fully charged, Caustic and Gibraltar take shield as well as health damage at the same time. This means that the 10% damage goes directly to the HP, which makes the new perk useless.

Respawn Will Bring a Fix Soon

Not only this user, but some other reddit users are also claiming the same thing. According to them, Caustic and Gibraltar are still receiving HP damage. However, the shield damage is working on other legends, meaning that it is limited to only the legends with the Fortified perk. Although the issue has not been fixed through the recent update, Respawn has confirmed that they are aware of this issue and are again working on another fix for it.


At the moment, we don’t know when Respawn will introduce a proper fix for the hitbox issue, but we can expect it to arrive soon. Respawn always listens to the complains of its fans and tries to solve them as soon as possible. In the past, there have been various issues in the game, but the developers have always introduced a fix for them through a new update. All we can do is wait and see how the developers try to solve the hitbox issue this time.