Apex Legends players are well aware of the fact that there are several skins available in the game that can be used to customize either legends or weapons. Some of these skins are either found in the Apex Packs, while others can be directly purchased from the store. At the moment, there are different tiers of skins available, with the Legendary tier being the most expensive one. Despite this, every skin is amazing and unique in its own way.

Respawn Entertainment has a habit of introducing new skins to the game through different updates. Some of them arrive with limited-time events, while others are added with a new season. Still, they have added a handful of new skins since the game was first released. Sometimes Respawn also explores the ideas and concepts shared on the official subreddit of the game and works on them. Recently, a few users shared their own concepts and we must say, they look absolutely amazing.


Very rough concept of a Wraith skin, inspired by Wattson’s Cyber Punked skin from apexlegends

The first skin is Cyberpunk Wraith and it was shared by user Ketch_up3000. The skin focuses on a purple theme, and purple is the main color for Wraith. It has a cool look that truly justifies the cyberpunk style. In addition to this, there are a few chains that are on her shoulds and her thighs. The user has also added purple horns on her head and used makeup to give her an even darker look. Judging from its looks, it can definitely become an Epic variant skin.


Concept for a JoJo Lifeline skin from apexlegends

The second skin we would like to mention is created by Patrez390. He created this skin for Lifeline. The most interesting thing about this skin is that it is based on an anime. That’s right, the creator has decided to create a skin based on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The latter has decided to create a skin for one of the oldest characters of the game. Although Lifeline already looks like a fun and jolly character, this new skin gives her a lighter outfit and makes her hair yellow. Her overall outfit is black, but it has a touch of yellow on it. In any case, the skin is really amazing and I would personally get it if it becomes available in the game. Check out this blog post.


Concept for a JoJo Lifeline skin from apexlegends

The third and final skin we would like to mention is the XenotheBoi for Caustic. Caustic is one of the most popular characters in the game and is loved by many. This is why players are always requesting for new skins for him. The skin created by the Reddit user makes him an undercover nurse, something which fits the ongoing global crisis. However, Caustic is a really deadly character, so putting him in a mini skirt makes him look funny. Despite this, the latter has taken inspiration from the ongoing outbreak and has done a remarkable job.

At the moment, Respawn is yet to confirm whether they will be working on some of these skins for the upcoming season or not. We will get to see more concept skins in the coming days.