Apex Legends is a free Battle Royale game for PC (Origin), PS4, and Xbox One that is already considered one of the giants of the genre alongside Fortnite and PUBG. With 25 million players registered in the first week, the game is also a fever on broadcasting platforms YouTube Gaming and Twitch TV. Like competitors, the game has several weapons, consumables, and attachments that are scattered across the map. In the following article, we will highlight the best weapons of each class, their attachments, and how the consumables work in the game.

Best Assault Rifle – VK-47 Flatline

Perhaps one of the most balanced and common rifles in the game is VK-47 Flatline. With Flatline, you have the best balance between damage, shooting rate, and recoil. Extremely effective in low and medium distance combat. 

The automatic rifle is capable of giving up to 336 damage per second (DPS) by shooting on the body and 720 on the head. The type of ammunition it supports is ‘Heavy’. It is possible to equip up to three attachments, being Mag, Stock, and Optic. When it comes to the best attachment, we suggest picking up the Stock attachment, since it greatly benefits your handing and reduces the drift which comes in handy with a very decent primary magazine of the weapon.

Best SMG – Prowler Burst PDW

Prowler Burst PDW is a deadly beast in the game if you know how to use it. Fired with five bursts of rounds, the sub-machine gun has a firing pace of medium-range shooting. If you want to go for automatic shooting mode, then SelectFire Receiver is an appropriate choice as an attachment with the gun.

The Prowler has the highest damage output for the SMG weapon group. It comes with the following attachments: Optic, Mag, Stock, and Hop-Up. After the ‘Select-fire Receiver’ attachment, we recommend getting Magazine attachment since it not only increases the number of rounds but also provides faster reloads. With the mag, you can quickly kill off enemies and ace the game!

Best LMG – M600 Spitfire

When we talk about heavy weapons in Apex Legends, it’s hard to forget how good they are. The Spitfire is one of them, being the favorite of many players. Compared to Devotion LMG, Spitfire is the most practical of both. In addition to having a decent and frequent shooting rate, your ammo cartridge is large enough to get in and out of conflicts without having to load. It allows you to give up to 180 damage per second (DPS) with body shots, and 360 damage per second with headshots. 

The accessory slots allow you to equip a Mag, Optic, and Barrel. The Barrel Stabilizer is the best attachment when it comes to the heavy Spitfire. The weapon gets A in all aspects except for the heavy recoil but again, the Barrel stabilizer is here to fill the void.

Best Sniper Rifle – Kraber .50-CAL

The Kraber is one of the few snipers that really worth using. This devastating weapon is extremely rare, just like the Mastiff Shotgun. Its ammunition is also unique, rendering it unusable as soon as it runs out of ammunition. This weapon has 125 damage per second on the body, but if you hit the head, you will instantly knock the player regardless of the armor they are using. It doesn’t need any consumables to be the most lethal weapon in the game.

Best Shotgun – Mastiff

At last, we are talking about the most powerful shotgun in the game. Due to its brutal power, it is one of the rarest weapons to be found in matches, similar to Kraber Sniper. Its ammunition is unique, which means you won’t be able to find often on the map. Mastiff is capable of tearing the enemy in half with incredible damage of 144 on the body and 288 on the head. If you know how to master this powerful shotgun, you can perform a full squad clean-up without too much effort.

Best Pistol – Wingman

This peculiar revolver is so strong that many players use it as the main weapon for medium and short distance combat. The Wingman uses heavy ammunition and is able to penetrate the shield and life of the opponents with few shots. Although it has attractive firepower, it comes with very slow and low shot accuracy, so it requires you to master it to get results. Wingman has 135 damage per second when fired in the body while 90 in the head. Skullpiercer Rifling attachment is possibly the best one since it adds to the lethal damage of the weapon. With the attachment, the headshot damage increases to 270, which means no matter how much the armor your opponent holds, he/she is a one-shot kill.

Best Consumables

Beyond guns, you must have protection. For this, the game brings the items helmet and vest. These items have a rarity level, being: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The rarer it is, the greater its bar of protection. The common vest gives you two protection bars, rare vest gives three bars and the Epic four protection bars. Legendary is the rarest to find because it not only gives you the four bars of protection but also brings extra benefits. 

Also, remember that healing items have a quality level. There are small and large shell batteries, which are from the fastest to the slowest to use in the game, consequently. Having at least one or two large healing items is essential for those quiet moments. Smaller items for being faster to use, are useful at the time of combat.

Final Advice!

Apex Legends allows you to carry two weapons, so find out the best combination for your playing style. If you like to run to the enemy, running a rifle and a shotgun may be the best option. Now if you prefer to play safer, it is better to have a precision rifle instead of a shotgun. Did you find a similarity between the two suggestions? Yes, the Rifle is essential, as they are the most balanced weapons for medium-distance combat. You can opt for burst, automatic, heavy, or semiautomatic rifle when entered into the arena.