Respawn Entertainment has finally decided to bring back Kings Canyon in Apex Legends. Players are not surprised with it considering it was already planned for the second split of season 4. However, the thing which has left many players disappointed is that the old map is only available in Ranked Mode, meaning that casual players will have to stick with World’s Edge for now.

Kings Canyon was the first map of Apex and has been the favorite of many. It is filled with some exciting locations filled with loot. However, landing at the wrong location can end up getting you killed quickly. This is why you should only land at some of the top spots to ensure that you get the right loot and that too quickly. So, if you’re someone whose currently playing Kings Canyon in Ranked Mode, then here are some of the best locations to land at.

Skull Town

The first location we will suggest is Skull Town. It is easily the best location in all of Kings Canyon. It can also help you gather some top tier loot. You can land on either side of the town as you’ll get access to loot on all sides. However, keep in mind that this is one of the hot zones in Kings Canyon, and you will come across teams as soon as you land. This is why make sure to grab a good weapon after landing as you’ll have to first take some enemies down.


The second location we’ll suggest is the Market. This is close to Skull Town and you can even make your way to it after looting the town. However, by the time you reach there, it might be already looted and will be crawling with enemies. Therefore, you will either have to land at Skull Town or the Market. Just like the above-mentioned location, this one is also filled with enemies.

Apex Legends

Kings Canyon

The third location we’ll suggest for Kings Canyon is the Slum Lakes. This is the place where you will not find big buildings. However, there are several small buildings that have enough loot for you and your teammates. It is also not a really popular landing spot, so you don’t have to worry about fighting a lot of teams after landing there.


Repulsor is yet another popular loot spot in Apex Legends. It is filled with some top tier loot. The best thing about this place is that you can clear this area and head towards Hyrdo Dam. In some cases, you will have to take down some enemies in the Hydro Dam. However, the loot that you’ll get will be worth it.


The final location we’ll suggest for landing is the Artillery. This is an amazing place as it offers a lot of loot. It is not a popular landing spot, but you will still come across some enemies team while looting there. So, make sure to grab the right weapons as soon as you land.