Apex Legends debuted back in February and it instantly managed to gain popularity because of the unique gameplay it featured. However, just like many other online games out there, it also became a target for cheaters. The game was swarming with hackers shortly after it was released, but it seems like Respawn has finally decided to put an end to them.

770,000 Cheaters Banned

The issue of cheating in Apex Legends has been bothering many players since the past few months. Some players have basically decided to not follow the rules, and they have successfully ruined the gameplay experience of many players by using cheats. However, Respawn has recently revealed that they have banned around 770,000 cheaters from the game, something which many fans are glad to hear.

Respawn basically claimed that as promised, they are doing everything they can to improve the stability of the game and make it playable for everyone. They further added that along with making some improvements to the game, they have been busy banning players who were breaking the rules.

Dev update on cheaters and spammers from r/apexlegends

Respawn Considers Cheating A Serious Problem

According to the developers, around 300,000 accounts have banned because of cheating. In addition to this, 400 other accounts have been banned as they were selling cheats. The most amazing thing is that all these bans took place in the last 20 days, indicating that Respawn has improved its anti-cheat system. They even claimed that they consider cheating a really serious issue in Apex Legends and they are using a large number of resources to overcome this issue.

Those who have been playing the game since the start know that Respawn also unleashed its ban hammer back in March. During that month, the developers banned around 355,000 accounts and that too on PC alone. At that time, they claimed that they care deeply about the health of Apex Legends, because of why they take cheating very seriously.

Respawn Is Dedicated to Improving the Game

Many fans are currently relieved to see that the developers are trying their best to make the game free of cheaters. During the last month, Respawn claimed that they are going to stick with the seasonal update release schedule for Apex Legends, so they can work on improving the game. They basically want to focus on improving the stability of the game instead of adding new content. According to them, making the game playable for everyone is their long-term goal.

Apex Legends’ viewership has also decreased in the past few weeks. The reason behind the decrease is that many players are losing interest in the game because of various issues. Some players are basically getting bored from the game because the developers are not adding any new content, while some are just tired of getting killed by hackers over and over again. However, it seems like Respawn Entertainment might manage to gain Apex Legends’ viewership back as they are trying their best to improve the game’s current state.